Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Giving Back in Small Ways

Being a quilter presents itself with all kinds of opportunities.  Today I'm happy to blog about Periwinkle's opportunity to support a very worthwhile organization called Days for Girls.  I discovered this group accidentally when there was a request on a friend's Facebook page for fabric to make the sanitary shields for girls (and women) in developing countries who don't have access to feminine products.  Without these items girls can't go to school, women can't go to work (no income) for several days each month! I must confess I had no idea this was a problem in our world.  But I knew I could certainly donate fabric on behalf of Periwinkle and so I did.   It was then that I was approached by Kathy Litwin of Days for Girls to set up a special fundraiser at the shop.  We wouldn't actually be raising money but raising fabric.  How does this work you ask?  Well here's the scoop:

Kathy has chosen a few bolts of fabric suitable for Days for Girls.  When you come to Periwinkle you will be able to purchase this fabric (at cost) in increments starting at .1m right up to the whole bolt if you like.  And of course any amount in between. The bolts are in plain view so you can see what you are paying for.  Once the entire bolt has been purchased it will go to Kathy and Days for Girls so that they can continue with their important work.   Kathy made us an awesome poster so that we can track our progress with each bolt.  The photo below was taken last week but today we are only .1m away from the purchase of the first full bolt! 

We also have a few brochures about Days for Girls if you would like to find out more about this organization or get involved yourself.

In this crazy world we are living in right now it feels good to do something that benefits women who need our help.  ­čśŐ

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Periwinkle Goes to Moose Jaw

Well it would appear that I'm not quite as punctual about blog writing as I'd hoped to be.  I'm going to blame the learning curve or I should say the many learning curves that I'm experiencing while learning to run a quilt shop.  Time has been at a premium!  But here I am.

Jennifer and I have just returned from the Moose Jaw Prairie Heart Quilters Guild's Biennial Show.    It was my first time organizing and putting up a Periwinkle booth.  Lots of things to remember.  With Jennifer's help we didn't forget much for the actual booth.  But there were a few items that will hit the "to bring next time" list.  A dolly and a ladder are at the top of the list.  Below is a picture of our booth "before".

We were very thankful for Heather and Lesli of Quilter's Haven in Moose Jaw.  They were in the neighboring booth to ours and very kindly suggested we use their dolly and ladder.  We also met other quilt shop owners from Manitoba, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Quilters are a great group of people and these shop owners were no exception.  Generous with thoughts and experiences. 
And here is the "after" photo of our booth.  Quilts do so much to cheer a space up.   Once our booth was together, we had time to go downtown to do a little shopping ourselves.  Moose Jaw is one of my favorite cities.  So many great shops and restaurants. 

Show time Friday and Saturday flew by.  We met many quilters from near and far.  Had a few good laughs too.  It was a wonderful weekend!  And it was an amazing show with lots of beautiful quilts.  Talented group of quilters in Moose Jaw and area.  Thank you Moose Jaw Prairie Hearts Quilters Guild!  You sure know how to treat your vendors well and put on a spectacular quilt show.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Celebration!

This Friday is St. Patrick's Day!  And we want to have a little fun at Periwinkle Quilting to celebrate the day.  We are going to put the green fabrics from our colour wall on sale at 15% off (this includes the FQs); we are going to further reduce some of our older kits to 30% off; and everyone who makes a purchase of $25.00 or more can enter a draw to win our "pot of gold" (12 yellow/gold FQs!).  Of course we will have refreshments too.  Festivities will start at  "top o' the mornin'"  9:30am and go until closing at 5:30pm. We hope you can join us in the sewing of the green (and maybe a little blarney too)!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Garden Notes, Meow or Never and the UFO Challenge

Well it would seem our Family Day long weekend is almost at an end.  I hope if you were able to have today off that you were also able to get some time at your sewing machine, quilting machine or hand piecing!  We've had a wonderful response so far to the Periwinkle UFO Challenge.  We've had several entries for winning your purchase back and it is still early days for the finishes.  Remember you can join in at any point between now and April 1st.  Details are available in store.   Speaking of UFOs, I spent Sunday and today finishing a shop sample with our new Garden Notes line.  The colours are so soft and pretty!  It's big half square triangles that form 4 blended stars.  The kits are almost ready and we should be able to hang it up this week.  Today I was also able to load the Meow or Never quilt (2 kits left in the shop!) on to the long arm.  It was really a fun and fairly easy top to put together.   To tell you the truth I had been working up the courage to get at it because I thought the cat was all applique.  Not so. The cat is just one (huge) panel.  Some fusible web around the edges, some cutting out and voila! I love it when things aren't complicated!  Quilting it will be a lot of fun too.   Weather-wise this week is still looking pretty good.   All of these warmer temperatures are making me want the Spring fabrics to arrive sooner!  Wishing you all a lovely week!  Happy Sewing!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day and The Great UFO Challenge!

Periwinkle continues to be busy with new fabrics and notions as they arrive at the shop.  We are also busy planning some fun for our customers!  Since Valentine's Day is just around the corner we thought it would be great to plan a few special things for the day.  First, we will have some delicious baking from our neighbors at Nutana Bakery.  Secondly we are going to introduce "The Great UFO Challenge"!   Oh yes.  UFOs, WIPs whatever you like to call them.  The majority of us have them.   Piles in plain view that have become a blended mish-mash of fabric and threads.  Or plastic bins squirreled away for a "later" that never seems to arrive.  To help you take control of your unfinished projects we are offering a challenge in which you can win gift certificates up to $300 from Periwinkle!   All of the details will be available on Feb 14th at the store. You can join in any time from Valentines's Day until April Fool's Day (April 1st).   And if you're able to join us on Feb 14th for Valentine's goodies please do!

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