Friday, December 31, 2010

Russian Felt Artist, Tatiana Agapcheva

 I came upon some lovely and interesting felted objects of adornment by a Russian Artist, who has an etsy shop, her etsy shop 
thought that you might find them inspiring!

gorgeous, arent they!!!


  1. they are beautiful! a lovely way to end the year!
    happy new year's!

  2. Fascinating - our school class went to a show downtown one year [yes, really] and all I remember was a woman playing the piano with gloves without fingers [which the above reminded me of although hers were not as fancy]...I was going to show you some 'hand warmers' that a friend made but forgot - maybe I can send a picture on both hand and feet are adorned by woolies and keep me cozy.

  3. we all need woolies to keep cozy! Actually I just finished one hand of a pair of hand warmers, in a pumpkin color, hoping I have enough wool for the second hand!!


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