Thursday, January 6, 2011


 (I seem to have a time lag-- wrote this last night, but didn't finish it, so posting it today)
Well, silly me, I wrote a post this morning, and just realized that I didn't upload it.  Well, that's okay, now there will just be two.
It was a busy day today.  Very different than yesterday.  Yesterday I made a mistake by getting that 15 yards of wool that I had to carry around with a headache.  It was a good thing to come back and sleep.  Today was much better, and we re-did a couple of things that we had intended to do yesterday. Plus, it was an early earlier start. 
The day started off well with cappucino and 2 inch thick toast.  No, 1-1/2" thick toast.  Yes, it's a Japanese thing.
I wrote a blog post about yesterday and forgot to post it.
Then I researched what buses to take to get to various places.
Then, we left the hotel and caught a cab over to Santee Alley.
 That was sort of fun, lots and lots of vendors.  It is a bargain hunters paradise.  I didn't have anything in mind that I wanted to buy, so I just walked around and tried to soak up the atmosphere.  Santee Alley is a part of the fashion district. The Fashion District has wholesale, and wholesale/retail shops crammed into 115 blocks.  But you know, presentation is a big part of the shopping experience for me, and here there is zero presentation, and so I didn't do much buying--- a necklace for $10 and a pair of boots for $25.

There were bargains to be had, of course.  Yes, that pretty dress was only 14.95.  There were lots of different dress places, and jeans, and kids clothes, and costume jewellery, and many other kinds of merchandise.
After a while it was time for Lunch.  We went to an exceptional! French bistro called Angelique's.  It was so good!
 This is me smiling because of my lunch:
 which was a layered eggplant and tomato casserole topped with Gruyere, accompanied by green salad tossed with the most delicious dijon vinaigrette that I've had in years, possibly ever.
 Yes, it was that good.
 this was only a couple blocks from FIFM, the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, which as you can see is the home of "Project Runway", a program that I've only seen a couple of times, but wish that I could see more, but it doesn't seem to be available on my t.v. at home, alas.
 They have a couple of shops as part of their building.  One is called the student scholarship shop.  There they sell things that a lot of stores donate, as fund-raising money to use for the students.  There I got a great sweater for only $5.00.  It is nice.
Another thing that made today better going is that I didn't take my camera.  I just used my ipod to take photos.  However, they aren't too great, sorry.
There are some pretty nice buildings around here.  I'm not too well versed in architectural styles, so my eye is caught by pretty tiles, carvings, nice stonework, plants, that sort of thing:

Doesn't this remind you of a kaleidoscope?  It's the ceiling in the bus mall at Union Station.
I really like palm trees against the sky:

to be continued.......

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  1. but for the 1-1/2 hr (each way) bus ride, you had your knitting in your handbag, right? makes waiting sooooo much easier..... :)
    thanks for the pictures and the travelogue - love them!


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