Monday, July 18, 2011

Sherbet Pips

Today I finished the Sherbet Pipsquilt.  Yay 
It is much better to think of sherbet in this heat than Christmas quilts!!
I liked how it turned out--I had a feeling that after it was quilted and washed and dried in the dryer it would change quite a lot, and it did.  It got all scrunchy and soft and inviting.  I think it also took up in size quite a bit.  I would say that it shrank, but what it lost in surface area size, it made up in loftiness!

On the weekend we were able to move all the stuff from the cabin that we sold at Sled Lake.

Bittersweet because it was a bit sad to leave our lake friends Ted and Bertha, but glad that we were able to sell it to enable us to have the new place in Savannah (and our new friends Daniel and Silke!). 

(Aliona in her Kayak)
 Lots of good memories there!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Working at the shop

It seems that Blogger has changed it's format.  Hmm.  I wonder where the blog reader feature has gone.....
It's been a busy week for me at the shop, but it's great to be back and see so many familiar faces.  Also, it is comforting to cut and fold fat quarters, move fabrics around, label kits, and all that sort of thing.  We got in a bunch of Hoffman Christmas stuff yesterday, and so I am mulling over what sort of project they'd look good in.  Any ideas?????

Monday, July 4, 2011


Today I'm working on the Christmas Quilt "Jovial" by Basic Grey.  It is sewing up pretty nicely. 

The pattern uses some folded fabric techniques that are sort of fun, and interesting since I've never done this sort of technique before. 
I made a practice block last night, and this is what it looks like, above. 
If you look closely you can see that the corner "pinwheels" are basted onto the raw edges of the block, and they are really just a folded square of fabric:
 This is my tray full of 192 folded pieces ready to add to my blocks!
 The Christmas trees are also folded and inserted between two rectangles of white.  The technique is interesting but you do have to cut away quite a lot of fabric!
 See those triangles at the side? they are not used in the quilt.  This cannot do, so I resolved to use them somehow.
So I simple decided to sew them together into rectangles,
 (When sewing these long triangles together it will look like this:)
 Four of the rectangle units can become a rectangular pinwheel-- I will get 9 of these pinwheels from the cut off portions,
They are pretty big, measuring 12" x 15" when finished, so that's a nice start for something.  Not sure what.  Perhaps I can sew them into the back of the quilt, or possible a little person's Christmas blanket.  I'll have to mull that over as I continue working on the Jovial quilt this afternoon.....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back in Sasktatoon

I returned to Saskatoon on Friday, and so on Saturday was happy to see lots of people at the shop!  I was so happy to see the store again, and it looked so good with new displays-- colorful fabrics, new quilt samples and new books (although I haven't had time yet to peruse them).

It was good timing that when I got there at about 10 a.m. the "Breakfast Club that meets every other Saturday at a restaurant here in the mall had all come over to look around, so I was able to see about a dozen old friends all at once.  So nice!
a new kit using Art Gallery fabrics!

Because some of you were wondering where I've been, this is a quick recap:
April: Drove from Saskatoon to Savannah, over about 8 days, then I spent some time in trying to set up a household there (on a shoestring budget).   I was able to find some furniture at consignment stores and moving sales, so it was sort of like a treasure hunt.
In May, I flew back to Saskatoon and worked hard for a couple of weeks!  Then, on May 20, I flew to New York City for 6 days of adventure with 2 friends from Saskatoon!
  On May 27, I took the train to Richmond Virginia to attend the wedding of a nephew, which was a lovely time, even though the temperatures reached into the 100's. Richard had driven the truck up from Sav, so we had transportation of our own from then on.
A few days later, we drove from Richmond to Ithaca, New York, for the annual "Norse-stock" conference at Cornell, where we stayed for about 4 or 5 days.  Then, it was time for the 18 hour drive back to Savannah! (which we did over a couple of days).
There I remained until July 1st, Canada Day! when I returned to Saskatoon!
During the month of June in Savannah, it was very nice, albeit very warm, as the temperatures were in the 90's and 100's every day.  (about 32 C and above)
I like it there quite a lot, but the main drawback is that the shop is here, and so I missed it quite a lot.  Although there is a lot that I can do online and on computer, and I did some sample sewing, it was a little to long to go without physically walking through the store, and seeing the staff.
two other kit samples we have, sewn by Val and Wendy!

And what would life be like without some technical difficulties?  I lost the mouse for my computer on the train, and so I've had to use the little finger pad on the laptop, which is okay for some things, but makes it really cumbersome to do things with photos and graphics.  I need to get into an office store pronto to get a new one!
New kit in batiks, sewn by Nancy! (sorry the photo is a bit blurry)
 Of course I can hardly wait to start using some of the Kona Solids that we got in,
However, I first need to sew the great new Christmas quilt by Basic Grey for moda.  It has Christmas trees on it, and pinwheels. 
Oh yeah, and that stack of paperwork....
Deb is on vacation, so I will be working in the front of the shop quite a lot this coming week, so perhaps I'll see you there!!

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