Friday, July 8, 2011

Working at the shop

It seems that Blogger has changed it's format.  Hmm.  I wonder where the blog reader feature has gone.....
It's been a busy week for me at the shop, but it's great to be back and see so many familiar faces.  Also, it is comforting to cut and fold fat quarters, move fabrics around, label kits, and all that sort of thing.  We got in a bunch of Hoffman Christmas stuff yesterday, and so I am mulling over what sort of project they'd look good in.  Any ideas?????


  1. p.s. I love the re-arranging of the store! The front corner seems so much more interested & full of goodies! I need to get back there to really look at everything.
    : )

  2. I can hardly remember the last time I was in - before the retreat I think. Guess it is time I made my way there. Maybe I can pick up some goodies for fabric postcards - my newest addiction (if I had time!!)

  3. Just a little hello from hot and humid Savannah! With this heat we've been having (that you have escaped just in the nick of time) it's hard for me to think of anything related to Christmas. In fact, i mentioned to Daniel this morning that I can't even imagine that it was ever winter here or will be again... :) Silke


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