Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Circular quilt

 I got a new ruler a few days ago.  It is a 10 degree wedge ruler that can make circles up to 50 inches in diameter!   There is a pattern on the package so I decided to try it out.
First, you sew some strip sets in which the fabrics are a bit staggered, like ones you would make for a big star quilt made up of lots of diamonds.  then you use the ruler to cut out the wedges, 36 in all. 
 You use the 45 degree line placed right over the seam:
 Then you sew them together in pairs, then into 4's, then 8's and so on until it's all one big circle.  It has a hole in the center, so I will need to applique a shape over it.  The other option is to make it a Christmas tree skirt, but I don't want one of those at this time.  Hmm.  It's sort of fun, and I think I want to play with the ruler a bit more!
 When I downloaded the photos onto my computer, I found these ones of a little anole that wandered into the house in Savannah,
 Isn't he cute?  He likes fabric. 
I'm in Saskatoon for a while now, and anoles seem very far away.

 ( I can't quite figure out how to add the logo to click on to take you to the needle and thread Network site, so just use the purple link if you want to go there)

By the way, if you are wondering who won the draw at the store on the weekend, it is Sue in B.C.
We called her right after the quilt show ended, but she had already driven partway to Lloydminster so we mailed her prize to her-- the new book, Another bite of Schnibbles, 2 charm packs and a couple of fat quarters, since the book is on using 5 inch squares,  Hope you like them Sue!


  1. Wow. That ruler is something else! What a big centre - looks difficult. Very cook Michelle!

  2. Not sure that I would be so happy about that little visitor!!
    That ruler is really cool! What an interesting quilt....round!!
    I bought a new Dresden plate ruler after attending one of the demonstrations at the quilt show....but I am not as fast as you...mine is still in the package!

  3. That looks like a very cool ruler and would make many interesting addtions to your quilt makeing. I may have to look for this one, I am a bit of a ruler junkie .... some still waiting to get used

  4. Aren't those rulers great? Your circular quilt is looking great!

  5. What an interesting ruler and I love the results !

  6. lol at first i thought how in the heck would a little lizard like that still be alive in Great looking project!

  7. Your ruler project is quite cool! The results are kind of like a kolaidescope. Justin used to have a pet green anole - his name was Gumby, lol! They are very cute!

  8. Cool ruler! In Blogger, if you add the image of the Needle and Thread Network to your blog post and then click on it and then click on Link, you SHOULD be able to make the image link to the N&T Network blog. The box will be blank where you would expect to see text but otherwise it's a similiar process. I'll bet that's clear as mud, right?

  9. What a great ruler, it would be fun to use. I sure like the fabrics you are using for your quilt.

  10. Thank you all for the comments, I'm sorry that I don't respond personally to them, but I do appreciate your responses! I like the fabrics a lot too! they are westminster ones, of course.

  11. Hi, tolle Seite. Ich suche immer neue Ideen was man aus Patchwork Stoffe Meterware schönes nähen kann. Lieben Gruss


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