Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy photos

I didn't have time to get to the studio to pick up my most recently fired pots before leaving Savannah to come back to Saskatoon. however, Lisa took some photos and put them up on the Clay Spot's Facebook page, which I really appreciated. So these are some of them...
I am really loving the effect of the screen printing combined with other brushwork
I've got the little backyard shed to a place where I can start making some things. Can't fire anything yet until I get the electrician in to put in some wiring and also need to replace elements in the little kiln too. One thing at a time I guess,


  1. your mugs are beautiful - i especially like the ones with the orangey insides and the flowers. i've always liked oddly shaped mugs!
    welcome back - i hope there's not too much clean-up required after the winds we've had!

  2. your mugs...reminds me of some fabric I know, tee hee! Glad your back and now maybe the weather will straighten out! Weirdly enough, we only lost the cover and bulb out of our yard light in that crazy wind!

  3. Those are looking lovely!
    Looking forward to what your new, little workshop turns out.

  4. Well shoot! When are you visiting again to pick up your things?

  5. Oh -Ike those bottom blue ones! The top blue one really does look like fabric. Welcome back to sask - great time to be here as summer is here! Yeah


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