Monday, May 20, 2013

Hexagons, again

 I have been trying to sort and organize the photos on my computer (and ipad). 
This is sort of complicated, since i seem to have about 17,000 photos on it.  I want to shift many of them on to memory sticks, but am afraid that I would just forget entirely what's on them.  So, I have been printing out hard copies of lots and lots of photos, and placing them in albums.  Also, I hope to make a list of what is on each memory stick as I transfer the photo files from the computer to the stick.   This is all a bit overwhelming, but I do think that it is ultimately achievable!
 One of my strategies is to also upload some photos to my blog--- things that I took photos of in order to keep track of on the blog but might not have gotten around to doing yet.  This might make for a series of sort of random postings, 

two hexie projects in saskatoon

my hexie project in Savannah

Unfortunately, some of the photos from the ipad were ones that I wanted to remember, but I have no attribution of where I obtained them.  (I can certainly take them down from the blog if I am stepping on anyone's toes by having them here....)
an amazing pieced hexagon that I lost the attribution of who made it! 

another photo that I lost the url where it's from, but it is a beautiful quilt


  1. One of the projects on my list for this year is to organize my photos (I have several thousand less than you do, though…)

    Lovely hexie projects - it makes me smile that you have ongoing hexes in two countries!

  2. sounds like a time consuming task - have fun:)

  3. I have finished a knitting project and Pat is back to work today, so less renovating. Perhaps it is time to pull out the lovely art quilt fabric and hexagons that I bought just before I left. Or maybe my grandmothers flower garden. Good luck with the photos. Quite a task you have set for yourself.

  4. I still love hexies...and the pieced one is incredible! Not sure if I want to go that far with my hexies, lol! I hope your photo project goes smoothly and quickly.

  5. well i have lots of hexies, and lots of photos, my life is full of organizing things


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