Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Cross stitch...

I know that most quilters also have other hobbies related to fibres  or textiles. I myself love anything with fibers, --, stitching, embroidery, knitting, crocheting.....
I particularly like alphabets samplers.  During my latest hiatus from Crosstitch it seems like a new style has emerged, called quaker style. It has quite large motifs stitched in solid colors. I like them quite a lot
Of course I have to try one or two we'll see
And of course since I had a spare 18 in.² of Belfast linen,  there was nothing to stop me from starting right away. The threads are variegated for a change, again something new for me.


  1. So pretty. The variegated threads give the stitchery wonderful dimension.

  2. in my rummaging around, trying to get my yarns and fabrics a tad more organized, i have found a cross stitch project i started some time ago (ahem!) for my mom...pattern, threads, needles - everything i need to finish it up....
    it may be a sign!
    thanks for sharing this!

    1. Isn't it funny how we have these things tucked way!m the main thing I noticed, is when I last did cross stitch, I didn't wear glasses at all. Now I wear reading glasses and its amazing how well I can see the threads! It makes it relaxing again!


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