Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sewing today

I finished my Dawdy quilt top except for the borders and now I'm just waiting to get the border fabric. However I do want to do some sewing today.
I have all these projects running around in my brain to make cute things for Christmas. But it is too confusing to decide which one to start with.
 Therefore I will go to the tried-and-true and start a quilt that I've been meaning to make for a long time. This is the one called swoon
It is designed by Camille Roskelley. She also designs fabrics. This is another picture of it from her blog.
There have been many, many quilts made in the last few years and  if you just Google it you will see lots and lots of different versions. You can get the pattern for it as a PDF from her blog.
(It is also on order for the shop, and so you could pick up the paper pattern in a couple of weeks)
I also made myself a little page of instructions for some lavender sachet gifts.  The idea is they will have a small Crosstitch section sewn on to some pretty fabric, stuffed with lavender and with a Loop.  That way they can hang on a hanger in someone's closet and be useful.
Well now I have a plan I will go do it, and try to close my eyes to all the other possible projects that are clamoring for my attention.
I hope you are having fun this December. All the decorating and planning for Christmas and cooking and baking can be so exciting as long as you don't make it too much pressure on yourself.  
If I do at least one out of five of every idea I have I think I'll be doing fine.


  1. Love the Swoon pattern. I have it too (surprise, surprise) and hope to work on it when all of my quilts tops are quilted....January mostly likely! :)

  2. i like your one out of five idea - although christmas is close enough that it may morph into 'one out of ten'!


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