Monday, August 11, 2014

jelly Roll Race, vertical version,

Sometimes people come into the shop to get fabrics for an all beige quilt.   i thought that would be great for a jelly roll race quilt.   
usually they use 40 or 42 two and a half inch strips, and measure at about 50 x 64 inches, with the strips going horizontally across the quilt.
i decided to use 60 strips, and so it turned out to be 64 inches x about 82 inches.
this afternoon i got it basted.  i think that i will quilt it on my home sewing macine,
this has a smaller strippy project laying on it.  the strips on it are 1 inch finished, 
maybe iI 'll sketch out some ideas before jumping into stitching on it, 


  1. Oooo-ooooh! Low-volume neutrals - yes! And the mini with the deer? Can't wait to see how that turns out!

  2. the first picture looks like a hardwood floor! and the deer on the mini sets off the background beautifully.. can't decide whether more embroidery would be better or not!


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