Saturday, October 25, 2014

other stuff from schoolhouse

i also took some (poor quality) photos from other sessions at schoolhouse. 
this was from Michael Miller fabrics.  
Kathy Miller presented some great ideas on using the white couture solid for bedding, using some great textures.  i am definitely going to follow up on this when I get home,
she also showed some projects using some of their other lines

the pencils one is. very cute

iwent to the Cotton and Steel demo, where they had a couple of videos explaining their inspirations for the new designs.  one of them was inspired by old board games and toys, and so was this quilt:
they had a lot of garments

I like this one quitE a lot,
this was from an Aussie, Jen.  who had some great quilts to show.  this one is made just with the 9 degree wedge ruler.  she was really interesting

later on, i went to a panel discussion about adding fashion fabrics to ones shop, and it was quite interesting, especially since I've begun getting more and more interested in garment sewing, 

it was a big day, and thats not even talking about the phenomenon called Sample Spree, 


  1. thank you for posting all these grand pictures! almost as good as being there! have fun!

  2. Love the white couture bedding! And the 9 degree wedge quilt...thinking I'll add it to my never-ending list of projects, lol! Hope you were able to get some goodies at Sample Spree - my favourite! ;)


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