Monday, January 12, 2015

the EPP continues

I've been working on the first Rosette for the millefiori hexagon quilt along.  Its the largest one in the quilt:  its the orange one in the diagram below.  

This is a little photo journey of my progress
First up is to get organized.... figure out how many of each shape to prepare, gather supplies, 
then cut out the fabric pieces to baste to each template
while sewing the first round, I wasnt sure about the hexagone I made for the center, which was the orange one.  I had sewn several hexies from the book, so I auditioned them,
while laying out the pieces of the first round, 
I tried placing the second round hexies with the pink bits on the outer edge, 
then with them on the inside edge of the round.

in the end I decided to have them on the inside.  I sewed another possible center,
and then I sewed a third one... which is the one I decided to use,
This is how it looked with the second round
Then, to prepare the pieces for the third round..
glue basting is saving my bacon.  I probably wouldnt do this with thread basting the pieces, but glue basting goes way faster, 
There are 18 pieced hexies on the third round, so I had to play with them before I sewed them on to the rosette,
that was fun.  
then, I sewed them on.  And this is what it looks like now!

It is quite big, over thirty inches across,
I did a little bit of fussy cutting in the white ring fabrics, 
Well, now I am all ready for next months blocks!,
Remember, if you want to participate in this project, its easy.  All you need to get is a copy of the book, The New Hexagon, and sign up on Katja's web site and she will email you the instructions each month, 
there is a facebook group for it, and hashtags for instagram too, so its easy to see what fabrics others are using...   (just check my previous post for the links, )


  1. this is reminding me of a kaleidascope! (and yes - i know i spelt that incorrectly....) quite lovely!

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  3. This is beautiful. how easy is it? and time consuming? I'd like to try it, but I don;t have a lot of time or thought power by the end of the day to figure something out. ARe you going to the SMQG meeting? Can you bring the hexies?? Would you consider leading an evening group to do this together? If I had someone beside me I could it and it would be fun!!

  4. I love the alternate arrangements of the hexagons in round 2. It creates a wonderfully different effect. I've got the first two rounds stitched together and now have to get on to the third!

  5. I love all the playing you've done with the blocks! Some great new looks there! <3
    Love the finished Rosette, you have great colour sense.

  6. What a great post! It is so fun to look at your playing with the hexies you have pieced before putting them into the rosette. Which is absolutely lovely!


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