Monday, July 6, 2015

the Idea of Project Templates

When a sewer makes something, they decide, either consciously or sub-consciously, on two main courses of action.
1.  they decide on the surface design, the pattern to create to decorate an object
2.  they also choose an object to create, such as a table-runner, or a tote bag,

Sometimes, one consideration or the other is the driving force, and the other consideration is not given much thought.
This is something that I have often done.  I get an idea for a quilt pattern, and just want to start cutting and sewing fabric.  so I just jump into the project, and spend about 5 minutes on thinking about whether it is going to be a lap quilt, a baby quilt or a table runner.

Most typically, I get inspired by seeing a quilt, or a photo of a quilt, and think to myself, "oh, I want to make one of those too!" I don't  think of the fact that I already have a huge stack of quilts already.
I am learning to slow down and ask myself "so what is it about this quilt, or this pattern that makes me excited?  is it the colors or the fabrics that are shown?  is it the piecing design?  is it the size or shape of the project?  is it that I need a ...... right now, and this one is pretty? maybe I can be inspired by what I like about the design, and make something smaller than a whole quilt with the idea.  Because a quilt is a big project! and sometimes we have a lot of ideas on the list that we want to try!

So, I made a list of possible projects.  

Table runners
mini quilts and wall hangings
postcards and artist trading cards
framed quilt piece
key fob
bracelet or cuff
cell phone case
eyeglass case
For baby
tag blanket
receiving blanket
baby bibs   
growth chart
for the Home
drawstring bag
simple tote bag
fabric basket
zippered clutch
other bags
book cover
fabric book
stuffies (stuffed toys)
faux taxidermy

I think I will make a binder where I have a go-to favorite pattern for many of these projects all at hand.  

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Key ring

I experimented with makinf a few key rings this week. A while ago I made two of the rectangular wristlet type, using the hardware from Dritz, 
I used some ribbon that I had on hand that was an inch wide, just the right size to fit the clamp.

I also had some narrower ribbon and some large split rings on hand, 

so I made this other style...
the. decorative part is made from two layers of felt, with a fabric hexagon topstitched on to one of the layers of felt, (before it is assembled)
This shows how I made the connector part, 
I just topstitched the ribbon on to some wool felt, trimmed it so that the edges were neat, and then folded it around a ring and stitched throught the layers close to the metal.
the two on the left I used for the key rings below, and the one with the longer ribbon part I just left as is.
I finished them off with some simple embroidered embellishments.  I made some others that aren't embroidered yet, but they are nice to work on in the evening while we are watching t.v.-- currently we are going through the British series, Inspector Lewis.
I guess that I will be ready for Christmas with a bunch of stocking stuffers on hand.

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