Friday, February 14, 2020

February 2020

Half Way Through February!

We have been so lucky so far with having a relatively mild Winter.  Okay that week in January was a little chilly but all in all it's been great!  We are mid-way through February and things here at the shop are ticking right along!

So what's happening here?

We've got some great classes happening:

And:  Baby Pentagon Balls

And last and certainly not least!:  A work shop with Ron Collins.  (btw there's still room for 2 more people!)

As always we've had some amazing fabrics arrive this month:

                          Anna Marie Horner Conservatory

                               Tesselations Twice

And a whole bunch of navy fabrics from Indigo Gatherings and May Morris to augment our ever popular navy fabrics section.

Our Bernina's continue to be popular and we love showing them off.  We will be adding a Bernina Q20 with a Koala Table to our showroom! 
It's a wonderful sit-down longarm.  The throat is 20" to be able to offer you lots of quilting space.  The table opens out to 71" to support you quilt.  And when closed the table is sleek, modern and does not need a lot of room.  Bernina longarms use regular sewing machine needles and if you already have a Bernina you might be able to use some of the same feet!  And best of all the education and servicing for both the Q20 and the Q24 (traditional longarm) happens right here!  No waiting on the phone to have your questions answered.  No ordering of special needles.  No trying to fix your machine yourself.  And 2" more throat space than it's closest sit-down competitor.  It's the ideal machine if you're short on space and don't want to stand for long periods of time. Our Q20 is currently on it's way to the shop.  We'll announce it's arrival with great fanfare.  And then you'll have to come and have a look!

Well that's it for February! It's been a busy, full month so far and we're looking forward to the rest of it!

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