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A Simple Unlined Tote Bag

Basic Bag Shapes
more here

Easy Zippered Pouches
Gathered Clutch
blog post is here
blog post is here

and here 
Grey library Book Bag
blog post is here

Oak Leaves Bag,

 blogged about here and here

The Weekender Bag, an Amy Butler Pattern,
This blue one is the second version that I made.  It was sized a bit smaller, I blogged about it here 
Version One,
blogged about it here

Fabric Containers:
post is here

A simple test bag, here.  I was trying out the product, Soft and Stable

The next few bags use an internal metal spring frame,
Ribbon Bag   This one features a ribbon weaving technique, blogged about here and here.  this bag also has those internal metal purse frame to add structure to the top closure
this is another bag that uses these metal frames, and shows how they work: 
and here

Asymmetrical Unlined Bag,
this is another pattern from the Yoko Saito book, blogged about here
A week or so later, I made another version, but a bit larger,

Simple Zipper pouches:

Pencil case, this is a pattern from the book, Sew Gifts.   I sewed  two versions to see how it would look in the unquilted and quilted versions.
Version One, unquilted, blog post is here
Version Two is blogged about here

Gift Bags, these are the kind of bags you can make lots of to give away
blogged about here,

and some other gift bags here,

Upcycled Wool Sweater Bags
these bags are made from recycled sweaters, but I think could be made from quilted fabric too:
the how-tos are found here

 the Laptop Shoulder bag, here

 Yarn Bags,  Knitted or Crocheted
  sometimes I like to make knitted bags too! these are some that I have tried.

blog post here
and this one:

blogged here and here

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  1. my biggest problem with your bags is that you have samples out but you don't have the pattern. If a pattern is sold out put your sample away until you re-stock the pattern.


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