Mosaic, Sampler for 2014-15

 This is the Block of the month program that we offer at our shop.  You can read all about how it works here
We had a lot of people wondering what the colors are going to be this year, 
The fabrics we will be using are all from Andover. They include chambrays and fabrics designed by Jo Morton.
  I originally blogged about this here

After a while, we added another color way!  It uses the Cotton + Steel fabrics from RJR, and so those blocks are pictured here as well...

Our First Block came out on September 6th, it is called World's Fair Block:
the blog post about it is here
the C +S colorway, 
  Block Two:

Block Three

Block Four

Block Five

Block Six, Lozenges

Block Seven, Gemstones

Block Eight, Box and O's

Block 9 Anvils

Block 10 Zipper

Block 11 Swiss Cross

Block 12 Housetops,


  1. Hi there I was looking for help on Block 9, I am having problems determining which colours match in the strips. I have six coloured and 8 light print? Please help. Thanks

    1. Hi Pam, sorry I couldn't email you directly, but I don't have your email address. I updated the photos above and so I hope the color picture helps. I checked the pattern and there should have been only 4 different colors in the kit, so if we sent more than 4 different fabric patterns, something definitely went awry! The first two colors are used for all of the half square triangles in all four six inch quadrants of the block, the other two colors are used for the rectangles that surround the central triangle. one color rectangles are used in two of the six inch quadrants, and the final color is used in the other two six inch quadrants. Hope this helps!

  2. Yeah, me too. Sure would be nice to see a picture of the blocks

    1. Hi there, sorry for the delay in posting the recent blocks, Michelle

  3. I'm wondering if anyone else is having trouble seeing some of the block samples. Blocks 1 and 3 only show one color way and blocks 2,4 and 5 do not show either of the colorways. All I see is an empty block with a small question mark in the center. The other blocks all show clearly. I checked on my ipad as well as my computer - same for both.


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