Sampler Blocks for 2011-2012

Each year we have an ongoing twice-monthly block offering.  We call it the Saturday Surprise Sampler.  It is a variation of a block of the month program.
On every second Saturday from September into June, we make up another kit for a 12 inch block in two colorways.  you can read more about the nuts and bolts of how the program works here, on our webpage,
Over the years people have created some absolutely amazing and beautiful quilts!
These are the blocks from last year:
 We had two different colorways:
Etchings, by Three sisters for moda: reds, grey and turquoise, and off white
1930's reproductions with some solids
These are some of the quilt tops that people made from their squares:

Block 17, Square Dance:

and Applique Block number 9

Block 16, Ribbon Star

Block 15,-- Temple Court!   and another Applique Block....

Block 14, Kite in the Air

Block 13, Lucky Star
and the applique block is Three Butterflies

Block 12, Broken Dishes
Block 11  Blue Mountain Star: (I only have this one in the 1930's sewn)
and the sixth Applique block is called Vase of Flowers,
yes, there are lots of flowers, but there aren't any stems...

Block 10, Kansas Troubles
No, I didn't get mixed up when I sewed this one!  I just thought it was nice either way!

 Block 9, Glacier bay,

and the fifth Applique block, Rose Wreath:

Block 8, Peppermint

Block 7, Card Tricks: and another applique one too!  (December 3rd)

 Rose of Sharon, with 2 tone leaves;

November 21st: Block 6, Cut Glass Dish

November 5th brings us Block 5-- (Flagstones) and the 3rd Applique block (Oak Leaves and Cherries):

Block Four (October 22nd) is called Target:

Block Three (October 8th) is called Windy City, and there is a new applique block too

Block Two, (September 24th) is called Silver Maple:

Block One is called Carrie Nation (Sept 10th)  (I forgot to get photo of the red colorway-- will do soon)

 and we also have the first applique block: Crossed tulips

These are now last year's blocks:
Forest colored Batik fabrics, and Art to Heart Fabrics, designed by Nancy Halvorson
 Block 1 Sept 4, 2010  Tulip Pinwheel

 Block 2, Sept 18 , September

 Block 3 Oct 2, The Forest Floor

Block 4 Oct 16, The Bay

 Block 5 Oct 30, Around the Block

Block 6 Nov 13, Fireworks

Block 7 Nov 27 Four Stars
Block 8 Dec 11, Simply Squares

  • Block 9, Friday Dec 31 New Year Star
  • Block 10, Jan 15, Whirlygig

 Block 11, Jan 29
Block 12, Feb 12, Lottsa Triangles

Block 13, Feb 26

Block 14, March 12 

Block 15, March 26
    Block 16, April 9
    Block 17, April 23
    Block 18 May 7
    Block 19, May 21 Block 20 June 11

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