Friday, May 30, 2014

Easy Zipper Pouch

I picked up some zippers the other day with the idea of making some easy little pouches.
(Still feeling inspired from the ones I saw at the modern quilt guild when they had their pouch exchange,)
To get me started, I first googled some images of fabric zipper pouches
From there I noticed a nice bag that had a flat bottom, and it even had a tutorial.
I used the idea of the shape, but I tend to avoid sewing extra linings when possible,so as i made my bag, I used more traditional quilting techniques.
Sadly, I cannot find that page again....

I had a piece of woven fabric that I had stitched on for a while last year. At the time I just felt like doing some handstitching,..  I had taken some one inch strips of brown fabrics, and did a simple over/ under weave, and basted it to muslin,  after a while it just landed in my basket of UFOs.   And you know how lately I've just been trying to reuse some things to get them out of my UFO basket.
The larger background piece that I chose is one of the Kaufman Essex linen fabrics
I drew out an outline on the linen and pinned the woven piece on top of it. The outline is about 15 inches wide and 14 inches tall in the photo above. Then I layered it with some leftover batting and for the lining chose a dark orange shot Cotton by Westminster, 
These photos show the machine quilting that I did through all of the layers. I didn't bother quilting the areas that would be cut away.
When I laid it out after quilting I noticed that it had  become askew and was slanting on the top and bottom edges.
So I just trimmed them off straight again.
I sewed that edges of the zipper to the top edges, but instead of selling in an extra lining, I just used a piece of Jacquard ribbon as a facing to cover the raw edges.
Sewed the side seams, adding in another bit of ribbon on one of them, and very importantly, leaving the zipper open! otherwise you cant turn it right side out later! then sewed the boxed bottom.
Zigzagged the raw edges where possible,
Turned it inside out,
And voila, the pouch was finished.
For the quilting I used a dark brown thread on the linen so that the stitching would show up.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

King size quilts,

Well, to state the obvious, a king-size quilt takes a long time to sew.
I continue plodding away on my fancy dish quilt.
I added a fifth row and the outer edge to one side of the quilt.
And I spent a bunch of time quilting.
After that I laid out the final row and outer edge, finding out at that time that I needed to sew four more X blocks
Which I did.
I'm hoping that I can finish this quilt in the next few weeks


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Road trip

Giveaway Winner

Last week we got in some wonderful new fabrics, and decided to give away some of it away by doing a draw for 5 fat quarters.
Today I drew out the name, but I decided that we should have two winners!
So, the winner of 5 fat quarters of Tim Holtz's Eclectic Elements is Verna G
and the winner of 5 fat quarters of Tula Pink's Fox Field is Betsy,

I'll email both of you later today, and get your addresses for us to send you the fabrics.  
Thank you to all who took the time to enter the draw,  it was quite interesting to note what groupings people were drawn to, or their reasons for preferring one fabric over another,
it makes me wonder how we narrow down our choices when we like them all.  

We are leaving today on a road trip that we take annually so that Richard can attend a conference.  I hope to stop in at a few quilt shops  on our trip.  I hope to find some fabric treasures that really speak to me.     I'll be away from Saskatoon, and the shop for a few more weeks, but I am already getting anxious about getting home.  I am really yearning for Fox Field, myself.....

Monday, May 26, 2014

A new Page button for handbags

I'm not sure if any of you noticed, but I gathered together all the posts I have written about sewing handbags and created a page for them.  The search button is a bit hit and miss because the labels I attach to posts aren't always consistent.

If you aren't too familiar with blogs, there are both daily postings, and also more reference type of "pages" as well.  you access them by clicking on the headings at the top of the screen, just underneath the blogs title header,
The Home button Always brings you back to the most recent entry.

Fabric basket

Have you seen the fabric baskets that people have been making lately?  they are so cute, and quite useful too!
these ones are from

Sometimes they have handles, as in the photo above, Sometimes they have a folded over top edge.  they can be tall or short, and rounded or square,.
I decided to use some orphan blocks I had made some time ago.  
I had 4 blocks that finished at about 8 inches. 

 I just sewed them into a row, and quilted it, using soft and stable as the batting.  Then I joined them into a tube.
  I made a bottom square the same size, and sewed it to the bottom edge of the blocks, 

 To make a stiffer bottom, I covered a piece of timtex and placed it in the bottom
When I quilted the blocks, I used linen as the backing fabric, and cut it wider at the top edge.  That  way I just rolled it down over the front edge of the blocks to self-bind the top edge.  
Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the process when I was sewing it,

I have been using the basket, and it is quite handy!  It is a good size to keep a knitting project in. 
As usual, making it has made me think of what I'll do for the next one, 
As a sidenote.  I am working my way through my stack of orphan blocks, and abandoned projects,  which feels pretty good. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A simple bag, enlarged

Last week I made a tote bag from a pattern in Yoko Saito's book, and blogged about it , here

 I liked the shape of it, but wanted to make it larger, so I sized it up a bit,
 This shows both bags,
This  time I used an orphan quilt block appliqued on the front panel.  It is an antique block that I bought in a whole stack of blocks a couple of years ago.  

I like the bag, but I might make one even a bit larger.  This one used the full 42" width of the fabric for the black patterned piece in the picture above, so I guess I'll need to piece it for a bigger one. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

FQ Giveaway

If you haven't entered already, be sure to enter the giveaway for 5 fat quarters, which we will do the drawing for on Wednesday,  May 28th,
for one entry,leave a comment saying which grouping you would choose .  For a a second chance leave a comment if you are a blog follower,  (it's fine if you are new, or whether you follow by email or through facebook, )

these are the groupings, 
Hapi, by Amy Butler
Fox Field, by Tula Pink (which is funny because I see more rabbits)
Forest Hill by Erin McMorris,
and finally, Eclectic Elements, by Tim Holtz,
Good luck!

Block 19, simply squares

This is Block 19 for the best Sticks and stones Saturday surprise.
It is called Simply Squares

Friday, May 23, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Fabrics this week, and a Giveaway!

Because I've been in Savannah lately, Nancy has been emailing me photos of the new fabrics thathave  been arriving.  This week we got an order from Westminster,
It included some Amy Butler fabrics, from a group called Hapi,
Foxfield by to Tula Pink
A new designer to us, Tim Holtz, who is very popular as a paper and scrapbook designer, these have some really interesting ones with script on them, the grouping is called Eclectic Elements
And also some by Eric McMorris, Forest Hill
I love new fabrics!

They got me thinking, wouldn't it be lovely to get a group of fat quarters in the mail of some of these?
So I have decided we must have a giveaway draw! And I wrote a poem...

The winner can choose which group 
from those above 
to receive 
five fat quarters of.

To enter the draw, leave a comment below saying which group you would pick, 
Each comment is an entry.  You can leave a second comment saying if you are a blog follower to get a second ballot, 

Lets set a draw date of May 28th, which is next Wednesday,
Good luck! 

cutter quilt project, placemats

A couple of years ago we used 1930s reproduction fabrics as one of the colorways for our Saturday surprise sampler blocks.  At that time i sewed some pieced blocks from my scraps thinking I would make a baby quilt.  
When I sewed the units together it didn't really excite me. So, I just folded it 
up and put it away. I think that I would have liked it more if there had been more white in it.

A few days ago I pulled it out and looked at it again, wondering what else I could use it for,
One possibility was to turn it into a cushion cover, just by folding it in half horizontally to make a large cushion.   It measures about 30" x 35"
I decided to quilt it while I was still thinking about possibilities. I just sewed a series of vertical lines over the top.
I folded it around a pillow to get an idea of what it would look like as a cushion, but I decided against that.
In the end I cut it into four main pieces, with a little bit left over down the center, in order to make placemats.  Of course I still had lots of scraps so I used them for binding.
Here are the two that I have finished selwing the binding around.
Of course I still have that little leftover strip,  Who knows what I could use it for in the future

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bee My Honey

Kelly sewed up a new quilt using the Bee My Honey fabrics from moda.  It is Charming Topsy Turvy,
The fabric has B's and bees, 
Very summery!  I think she did a great job on the quilt! 
It uses charm squares, 5" x 5" squares that are already cut...
In the kit, we included enough fabric so that you can make it either with or without the reds, 

I am just doing computer work today, with a nice mug of tea!
My cup has heat sensitive leaves on it, which is very cool!
Hopefully I can fit some sewing in this afternoon,  

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