Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Some of the Quilts

Of course the most exciting part of Quilt Market/ Quilt Festival in Houston is the range of quilts displayed in the shows.  I think there were over 30 different shows this year. 
The most dramatic one for me was the installation of the red and white quilts that originally was hung at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City in 2011:
 As you can see, one of the main advantages of attending Quilt Market is being able to view these exhibits with almost no-one else around-- makes it so easy to take photos!  Later this week, these aisles will be crowded with tens of thousands of viewers!
 there was also an accompanying show, as described below, which was comprised of over 30 miniatures, I think, maybe over 40, I didn't count.  but they were nice.

 One last view of the ring of quilts,
Double Dutch by Shelly Burge
 This quilt was quite striking to view from a distance, but also lovely to see at close range,

Moody Beach, Maine, 1957 by Margot McDonnell

Dotting Inside the Box by Sandi Snow
 At first, I thought the yellow was all one fabric, but instead, it was quite intricately pieced!

Dotting Inside the Box by Sandi Snow
 This was one of the favorite quilts I saw,
All in the Family by Nancy Brown

detail, All in the Family by Nancy Brown
detail, All in the Family by Nancy Brown
detail, All in the Family by Nancy Brown
detail, All in the Family by Nancy Brown
Well that's a lot of photos for now!  I have lots more...

Monday, October 27, 2014

Houston 2014, on the sales floor

The Quilt Market show in Houston has three main components: the amazing quilt show displays, the class and lecture area on the upper floors, and the sales floor. 
Today I have some photos of the sales floor so you can get a bit of an idea of how the vendors set up their booths in order to attract our orders....
I took my real camera with me to attempt to get better quality photos than my cell phone!

 the large fabric companies have tables where the reps meet with the store buyers to look over the samples and write the orders: 
 Of course they display enticing samples to show the new collections and draw attention to the fabrics and how they look sewn up,
 This year I noticed a lot of emphasis on other substrates that have supplemented the flat cottons,, such as voile, knits, Double gauze, canvas, linen,

 The individual designers always present lovely single booths to show their new collections,
 I love to see the displays that they come up with to catch your attention!
Westminster booth
westminster booth

Tim Holtz, tweaking his display

 There are a few vendors mixed in who sell antique quilts, and stacks of individual blocks waiting to be rescued,
 I'm sorry that I forgot to photograph booths of the other vendors, such as thread companies, longarm machines, pattern designers, notions companies, batting manufacturers, button companies, book publishers, and others.... I guess you can tell what my eyes are drawn to!
Michael Miller booth
Alison Glass fabrics for Andover,

Saturday, October 25, 2014

other stuff from schoolhouse

i also took some (poor quality) photos from other sessions at schoolhouse. 
this was from Michael Miller fabrics.  
Kathy Miller presented some great ideas on using the white couture solid for bedding, using some great textures.  i am definitely going to follow up on this when I get home,
she also showed some projects using some of their other lines

the pencils one is. very cute

iwent to the Cotton and Steel demo, where they had a couple of videos explaining their inspirations for the new designs.  one of them was inspired by old board games and toys, and so was this quilt:
they had a lot of garments

I like this one quitE a lot,
this was from an Aussie, Jen.  who had some great quilts to show.  this one is made just with the 9 degree wedge ruler.  she was really interesting

later on, i went to a panel discussion about adding fashion fabrics to ones shop, and it was quite interesting, especially since I've begun getting more and more interested in garment sewing, 

it was a big day, and thats not even talking about the phenomenon called Sample Spree, 

Houston, 2014

i am currently in Houston at the Quilt Market.  I want to post lots of photos so that you can all see a bit of whats going on here,
yesterday was Schoolhouse, where vendors, teachers and designers had sessions where they presented whats new in their products.  the attendees, people like me had a dozen time slots to choose what to fill.  each time slot had about 22 different choices of presentations and was either 15 minutes or 30 minutes long.  
the one that I took the most photos at was by Jo Morton, since I know some of you are real fans of her stuff...
she showed a ton of quilts, from this large 91" bed quilt,
to small projects
of course these photos are taken on a phone, and dont begin to show how lovely the quilts are in real life,

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