Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Monogrammed pillowcase

My first monogrammed pillowcase wasn't too hard.

I have been trying out pillowcases lately, and also have had a thing for letters for the last year or so. I love monograms! So, today I decided to just try one.
First, I used a word-processing program to print out several "m"s in various fonts, at about a 200 point size.
Then I found a little piece of linen, and redrew the M i liked to a size that would fit on the linen.
I traced the M in pencil, and then used 2 strands of green embroidery floss to outline the letter in a simple backstitch. There were some largish open areas inside the M that I filled in with some french knots.
I started a pillowcase with some compatible fabrics, and appliqued the linen to the end flap during the sewing of the pillowcase. The background fabric was shadowing through the linen, so I just slipped in a rectangular piece of cotton behind the linen.
I finished the pillowcase and was very pleased with myself!!
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