Sunday, April 21, 2013

Other works in progress

When I made the page about the works in progress, I only listed the ones in Saskatoon. Now that I am in Savannah, I must own up to the fact that I have projects on the go here as well. These are two that I have worked on this week. One is star quilt that I am making from a free pattern download From the Westminster fabrics site. Westminster was taken over by free spirit fabrics so may be the pattern is on the free spirit website. I will look it up when I go on my laptop. Right now I am just on my iPad.
The fabrics are nearly all from art gallery fabrics, that had just come in to the store a few days before I traveled to Savannah. They are and Shades of turquoise, gray, white and gold. I really like this color combination.
The other project started with some vintage grandmother flower garden blocks that I purchased in Houston. A few months ago I decided to set them with triangles of Black and off-white prints.
I had them on my design wall when I took the photograph. Just now when I was looking at it I rotated it to see how it looks when hexagons are oriented the other way.

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I have started a new project. I decided that I needed some decorative spools to hold my special ribbons. So I am making some out of clay. I have posted about this on my Clay blog, but while I was thinking of doing this I googled some images of spools. These are some pictures that I found which are sort of interesting:

Friday, April 5, 2013

Think of Flowers

Well, as this is the year when we have 6 months of snow, (lucky us to live through a record-breaking winter), we must think of spring things anyway.  Any way we can. 
I like to contemplate flowers.  (I bet the florists are doing a booming business this month!)

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