Saturday, September 22, 2018


You know how you have those moments when you feel like you've forgotten something but you just can't think of what it is?  I've been having that feeling for the last week or so.  Finally I realized what I was forgetting about!  It was the blog!! 

September has been super busy.  But really, most Septembers are. We are all getting back into our non-summer rhythms.  The weather has taken a sudden turn to sewing weather (check out the snow we just received!) and the shop has been bustling and busy.
What's been  happening you ask?

Firstly, our classes have taken off.  If you're thinking about taking a class I would encourage you to register as they are filling steadily.  Here's a great pic of the class sample for the Archer button shirt.  Lots of great learning and a solid wardrobe staple.  Taran does such a lovely job with garment sewing (you can follow her on IG too @tanitisis):
Our Learn to Quilt classes are in full gear with the first two September classes completely full and the others filling up.  We also have many other quilting classes.  You can check our our Class Newletter by picking up a paper copy in the shop or checking our website:
e.g. Scrappy Stocking!

We continue receiving new fabrics.  Here are just a few of the lines we've received:
 Alphabet Soup
 Gilded Greenery
 Dream Big
 Tilda Bird Pond (see how well they play with Lemon Tree and Sunkissed?)
 Tula Pink Zuma!!
 One of the fabrics from Zuma by Tula Pink.  Such a great saying.

Another reason I'd forgotten about the blog was because of the wonderful invitation we received to attend the annual quilting retreat in Prince Albert.  Such a kind and congenial group of ladies.  And not to mention very accomplished quilters.  Jen and I had a lovely time.  We got to sew a little, sell a bunch and visit with really wonderful ladies.  Thanks Bonnie and organizing committee!  We really enjoyed ourselves!
Now we are running up to the last week in September.  We've launched our first Periwinkle Block of the Month.  Block #1 was released September 15th and we are working away on Block #2.  Here's a pic of the first block to whet your stitching appetite:
You can join any time.  For price and more information please feel free to call the shop 306-933-3072, or check out the website 

Well I'm going to wrap things up. I've still got a persistent cat between my lap and the keyboard.  It's become a steady arrangement any time I'm at the computer.  Today, however, I don't mind.  It's cool in the house and feels a little cooler with the snow outside.  Enjoy the rest of September - the weather is due to improve.  Happy stitching!

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