Saturday, March 28, 2015

Stashbuster strips quilt

In the spirit of sewing from my stash, I started a stshbuster quilt, 
i went through my stack of turquoise and greys, and cut a lot of the fabrics into 1-1/2" strips,... 140 of turquoise, and 180 of grey.  They ranged in length from as small as 4 inches up to a full width of fabric, about 43".  A lot of them were about a fat quarter width, about 20 inches.   

then, I proceeded as one would with a "jellyroll race".... that means that I started by sewing all the strips end to end to end to make one long strip...

then you cut the long strip in half lengthwise and sew those two lengths together along the long side and press the seam, then repeat that process over and over...

so now I have two slabs, 
the grey one is of course a bit bigger.   I think that now I will do an off white section, and figure out how to combine the three different colors.   
Its sort of like constructing a new cloth out of scraps.   I really do enjoy this sort of project! 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Millefiore Progress

I have been chipping away at Rosette 2 of the New Hexagon Millefiori Quilt along, and I have only to sew on some more of the outer round,
If you are doing the project as well, you will probably notice that I have wandered away from the pattern in a couple of details...

At some point I decided to add another row of hexagons to the top and bottom of the design to make it rectangular instead of square,
This is the plan I made to keep things sort of organized.
Also, I changed the configuration of a couple of the rosettes.  This happened when I was doing Rosette 2 and I decided that I wanted to see more of the pattern that was forming in the outer ring.  You know how one thing leads to another...
The other thing that happened was that i decided to sub-piece some of the larger diamonds.  
My rosette needed a bit of an accent so i changed a plain diamond to contain a smaller diamond of adeep  color accent,

 Also, when I chose gold for those diamonds that make up Block 6, the print became too busy, and the solid was too boring, so I decided to use them both,

Now it is March, and the instructions for Rosette 3 are available!   So of course I have started to get things moving on it,  .... 
getting all my paper pieces ready for it..... I just photocopy a halfinch equilateral triangle graph paper on to cardstock and cut out the needed shapes,  which is quite a relaxing activity in itself.  
These are my first two rosettes!

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