Monday, September 30, 2013

Black white and bright quilts show and

As promised, these are the photos of the quilts of the black white and bright blocks that were from last years Saturday surprise sampler program.  
For this program we just provide the block kits and each person decides how they are going to sew them together into a quilt. This is exciting because it has lots of room for individuals to customize their quilt. 
Because I was away Jen took all the photos and she did a great job. A Big thank you to everybody who brought in their quilt to share with the rest of us. It is so inspiring to see what you did!
First up was John:
I love the fabric that he used for the simple Sashing between all the blocks.  That little strip of black between the inner and outer borders sure is effective.
Second, we have Margretta's
Like many others, Margretta decided to use one consistent accent color throughout all the blocks. She used it in the setting as well and wow does it ever look good.

This is Diane's:
She used a beautiful turquoise for her accent color and made a smaller quilt, using only nine blocks.
Fourth up we have Margaret.  
She also chose to use one accent color, with this yellow green fabric. I love all that open white space, it should be a real showpiece for some nice quilting stitches.

Next, we have Andrena's quilt. She has done nearly every sampler so far if not all of them. I think she makes her family pretty happy with them.
Jean has also done almost all the samplers, if not all of them, but this one she outdid herself. She ended up getting 10 extra blocks so that this qulit uses 30 blocks in all! 
Very cool setting as well.

Ruth's quilt!  First, some of the blocks:
Now a shot where you can see the border that she made which uses some cheery bright fabrcs combined with black to set off the blocks.  Really lovely,
Cheryl brought two quilts in this time. First up was the finished quilt from the year before:
Definitely worth waiting to see this one. I love those little stars in the outer border. Plus what an effective use of red in the borders and binding.
Her next quilt is a big one too.
Also another great border. I don't know exactly how she did that outer border pattern but I really like it.

Janet is a relatively new quilter, although you would never know it from the beautiful sewing she does.  
Another intricate border, which really is a huge part of the quilt. What a difference a border like this makes:
Faye is a good sport, she brought in what she has done so far, which is a lovely pile of sampler blocks waiting for the right moment to be sewn together into a full quilt:
I have a carrying case exactly like that which holds my black white and bright blocks!

Pearl Created a beautiful quilt with pieced sashings and borders:
And finally Melissa Shows us that it really pays off to be daring in your color choices.
What an amazing color combination using that pink and orange together with the black and white

I feel very inspired after seeing these beautiful creations.
Now I have many more ideas floating around in my brain as I ponder what to do with my stack of blocks.

Thank you again to the 12 of you who  brought in your quilts to share with us. 

new stuff

I got back to Saskatoon a couple days ago, and was excited to get back to the shop and look around at all that product that arrived during my absence.
First of all, a brand new sample on the wall!
 The Pattern for this is called Picture Perfect and It is by Mountainpeek creations. Patty and Val selected the fabrics which are a really cute winter theme.  Patty sewed the sample and it  looks amazing! Lots of kits available, it is a lap size:

Some of the new fabrics that came home with me today are:
some nice neutrals to use for our Saturday surprise sampler program:
The bottom three are from the "grunge" line by moda,  and we have them in lots of pretty colors as well as neutrals.
And of course I'm such a sucker for any fabric with text on it that I had to immediately snag some of these two new ones from Wyndham.  
We also got a huge order of stencils!  Really a lot of them.  Also, some of those wire quilt hanger things.
I was away when we had the big show and tell of quilts from last year's blocks, which were the black white and bright ones. Val laid out all the coffee and snacks, and Jen did the hostessing duties for the show and tell itself.  she also took some great photos of the quilts and she even recorded who made them!  I'll post those tomorrow!

Saturday, September 21, 2013


This zig zag block is brand new today,
A big thank you to all of you who came out to the show and tell this morning, and especially to those of you who brought your quilts from last year to share with others.
The color way from last year to this year is very different.
Although I wasn't able to be there at the show and tell, Jen did a great job and took photos of what people brought. I look forward to posting them later date.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thread organization

I made some little dog shapes out of clay to use as thread holders for some of my stitching threads. Yesterday I spent some time organizing my threads and using the little dogs for their purpose.
These are some of my beautiful 50% silk 50% wool threads from Caron. I've been using them to stitch on another picture. This one is done on wool and its about 11 inches square.

iStitching on wool is lovely.  i backed it with a layer of quilt batting so the needle just glides through and I don't need to use a hoop because it's got enough hand that it won't pucker.  I still have some stitching to do on this piece. But I am enjoying it quite a lot

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Close ups of the Grove stitchery

I completed the wool and fabric stitchery yesterday and these are a couple of close ups of it. 

To finish it I just stretched it around a piece of foamcore board.  It finishes at about 10" x 30".

I had used linen for the background of that which was okay.  But of course now I have to try another piece using an off white felted wool. 
So I've started a smaller piece that is going to be a vase of flowers.
Now for the stitchery part.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Something new

Something that I don't do enough is to play with fabric and stitching in a way that isn't related to the store. I do so much sewing of samples and writing patterns that it takes up a lot of time.  Then it seems like whenever I have time to so I work on something that is for the store.
 However the last few days I have consciously been trying to do something that is just playful exploration. I was very inspired by the work of Nancy Nicholson who is a British person who does a lot Of machine stitching on fabric she has a blog and a Facebook page. (Sorry not to include links to these pages, I am writing on my iPad which is a little more limited with that sort of thing.)

She has beautiful stylized images and a wonderful sense of color putting things together. For myself I am a bit more timid and have more conventional imagery. Well, it's all about the process isn't it.
This is part of a longer piece which I will hopefully photo graph later after it is finished. At the moment I have to stitch more on some birds. 
here's to trying something new, enjoy your day.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Quilt labels

So recently we got in an order of quilt labels. These include the embroidered ribbon style that you sew on and also a type of color your own labels. I thought these were sort of interesting, and there are four different panels you can get. 

 I decided to try some out and because I haven't done much coloring on fabric I thought I would sample a couple of different types of fabric markers. the two styles I tried are a brush style tip and the traditional marker style tip.
I think that something I will do next time is iron a piece of freezer paper to the back of the panel fabric to stabilize it and make it more like colouring on paper.   I would also like to try a couple of other colouring media, such as wax crayons, and maybe watered down acrylic paint.  

I think the idea is that you can color in your label with similar colors to the fabrics you used in the quilt.
I think it would be a fun activity to involve a child into the making of a quilt. Maybe while you're sewing on the quilt you could have your child or grand child coloring the label.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another project

I have been working on another sample for the shop.  It is really pretty, and the pattern is really easy.  It is called Pegs.  I am at the quilting stage now,

I was a bit stuck when it came time to putting on the border. I was leaning toward the gray fabric but then I went to the shop and Decided to use the gray patterned fabric that was already in the pig blocks.
I did quilting the ditch around the edges of the design and in the patterned fabric rectangles I'm just quilting a big daisy, inspired by the fabric itself. The background I'm just putting a big meandering line.

I'll add the borders later after I have the main part of the quilt already quilted. That's a trick that I learned some time ago so that I can maneuver quilts more easily when I'm quilting.
Well I hope you all had a good quilting weekend. Tomorrow's Monday, so it's time to start all over again.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Housetops, block one

Today is the first block pick up for the Saturday surprise sampler! This is block one called housetops.
It's a really good block to check that your quarter inch seam allowance is right on. Each of the bars should measure exactly 1 inch across when you're finished sewing.  If they aren't exactly 1 inch across then you have to do something to make sure that they will be in the future, whether that means pressing it better, or moving your needle position, or stitching just inside the edge of your sewing presser foot. It's a lot more common to Sew a seam allowance that's too wide than  too narrow.  
Well good luck with your sewing, it's really feeling like autumn today so we are back to quilting season.
I am stitching a binding on to a quilt  that I hope to take into the shop on Monday so that's pretty exciting for me.

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