Saturday, July 31, 2010

Classroom Renos

I am currently working on the back room at the store, doing some renovations, and painting, so it is a bit of a disaster zone.  Hopefully, it will be a good update to keep us all fresh and moving! 
I did finish my two quilt tops, and now need to do the quilting on them.  I also need to get back into the habit of taking my camera with me! 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Selvedge Magazine and Dry Goods,

I came across this site, which seems to be a fiber arts based online magazine, here, and they have a really interesting etsy-type shop area, here

this is a brooch by SophieDigard

hut up felt bunnies

necklace by sophie digard

lavender bags
and these are some cuffs made by "Enhabiten" on her etsy shop, here .  I added her blog to the list on the left.

and so it goes

Summer sewing

Well, it seems that summer-time blogging is sort of hit and miss.  Sewing is pretty hit and miss too.
However yesterday Deb and I were going through some of the new fabrics and picking out some kits. Patti is sewing a Christmas one, and I have jumped into sewing 2!  Going from no sewing to double project sewing in one day. 
One of the quilts I'm sewing is a Christmas one too -- using "A Dickens Christmas" fabric from moda.  The other one is a project using some of the lovely Tanya Whelan prints,

 I'm sewing a project from the new Nickel Quilts book by Pat Speth. I haven't really looked closely through the book yet, but a quick flip through showed an amazing number of borders, in color-- 260 of them!!!!

 And this is a dahlia from the back yard,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Odd Jobs

I am feeling pretty accomplished at 4:01 pm on this Wednesday afternoon.
I have spent the whole day doing odd jobs around the house and yard.
This is what summer is for, right? 
So, garden has been improved by transplanting things, and pulling weeds!
I continue working on my pottery studio in the back yard by painting more shelves!!!!! I paint them every day.  This is because they need 2 coats on each side, and I'm using oil-based paint, so I can only do one swipe at it each day.
I have also noticed that I am starting to sound a lot like my mom when I talk. Hmm. 
Well, but my Big! job today was one that I have been mulling over for a couple of months now.  We have a bay window in the dining room, but the bench part has been very unevenly sloped, almost 2 inches lower at the back than at the front, and in addition, it was pieced together from odd scraps of wood when it was built.  So, I undertook to put a new layer of wood on it, level this time.  So, I have done this, more or less, this afternoon.
 I'm not sure if you  can see the changes in level on this photo, above.  But they are there.  I carefully cut out the plywood shape with my little jigsaw.   And it fit perfectly on the first try!!! Yahoo.  Now I have put shims under it, and screwed it all down, and filled the little screw holes with wood filler, and that is enough for one day!  It is quite amazing how many little tools you need to use for what seems to be such a simple job.
(2 rulers, tape measure, pen, pencil, paper, extension cords, jigsaw, hand saw, miter box, wood, other wood, and other wood.  drill, screws, glue, sander, sandpaper refills, putty knife, level, cloth to wipe off dust, vacuum)  That is 22 things!!!! and I've probably forgotten one or two things. 
This is why quilting is much more user-friendly as a hobby.  All I need for that are:  (well, I'm not going to itemize the items i need for quilting, but I am sure it is less than for woodworking. and there is no sawdust.)
I still need to sand and paint it, but that can come later, I do need to let the woodfiller set.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Love Murano Glass

One of the types of glass I love most is that made in Murano.  I find the style so light and airy, and fanciful.

Very characteristic of Murano pieces are the focus on the stems of the glasses and chandeliers.  They put in all sorts of flowers and animals and little swirls. 

 These are all antique pieces at the Corning Museum.  They had cases and cases of glass examples.
 Even the pieces that don't have all the bright colors are gorgeous.

The piece pictured below is comtemporary, by Dale Chihuly, probably the most well-known glass artist currently active.  He is probably most well known for his installations and huge multi-piece chandeliers.  This piece is about 3 feet tall.  The corning museum has two chandeliers by Chihuly, the pink one has a similar cherub.

 The yellow/green sculpture is in the entry way.

Toad Travels

 If you've ever gone on my Facebook page, you may have noticed a photo album of pictures of Toad as he travels here and there.  He did come to New York and Halifax, although he mostly stayed inside. 
 But, he had one or two outings, and even found himself in a little motorcar!
 The antique store I mentioned yesterday had only one or two quilts, but this is one of them:

 There were roses blooming here and there, and I've even got one or two in my own yard.  I love the pale pink ones.
 The roses above were at Home Again, the B and B we stayed at.  This is where we had breakfast every morning, which is a corner of the kitchen:

you can find out more about Home Again by going to their  website, and also by staying tuned to future entries here.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good Days in New York

I didn't intend to take a break from blogging, but it seems that it's been several days since I made an entry.  Not quite sure why. Part of it is that we went up to Bright Sand Lake for a few days, where it is Internet-free.  Then, you know how it is in the summer when one day seems to meld into the next.
            I bought some red yarn while in Ithaca, it is a Rowan yarn, called Kid Classic.
 Several balls of it.

 I decided to knit a sweater from the book Cardigans, by Louisa Harding.  I started knitting the pieces while still in New York, continued in Halifax, and then here at home and at Bright Sand.  I completed all the main pieces, swished them around in water and laid them out to block.   It seems that the sleeves are somewhat different sizes. Hmm.
I thought I'd show you where my little friends from New York have landed, although i'm not entirely sure if this is where they'll stay.   Did I tell you about them already?   They are 2 assembled doll/metal sculptures that travelled home in my suitcase, which made it very heavy.
I purchased them from their maker, Betsy Wilbur.  She calls them Tin Lizzies.  She runs an antique shop south of Skaneatles, New York.  I think they are amazing. 

The entrance to her shop is full of Tin Lizzies.  If you look carefully you can see the 2 that came home with me.

 and they line the staircase leading to the second floor of the shop.
 This is the artist herself,

 That was a good day.

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