Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Odd Jobs

I am feeling pretty accomplished at 4:01 pm on this Wednesday afternoon.
I have spent the whole day doing odd jobs around the house and yard.
This is what summer is for, right? 
So, garden has been improved by transplanting things, and pulling weeds!
I continue working on my pottery studio in the back yard by painting more shelves!!!!! I paint them every day.  This is because they need 2 coats on each side, and I'm using oil-based paint, so I can only do one swipe at it each day.
I have also noticed that I am starting to sound a lot like my mom when I talk. Hmm. 
Well, but my Big! job today was one that I have been mulling over for a couple of months now.  We have a bay window in the dining room, but the bench part has been very unevenly sloped, almost 2 inches lower at the back than at the front, and in addition, it was pieced together from odd scraps of wood when it was built.  So, I undertook to put a new layer of wood on it, level this time.  So, I have done this, more or less, this afternoon.
 I'm not sure if you  can see the changes in level on this photo, above.  But they are there.  I carefully cut out the plywood shape with my little jigsaw.   And it fit perfectly on the first try!!! Yahoo.  Now I have put shims under it, and screwed it all down, and filled the little screw holes with wood filler, and that is enough for one day!  It is quite amazing how many little tools you need to use for what seems to be such a simple job.
(2 rulers, tape measure, pen, pencil, paper, extension cords, jigsaw, hand saw, miter box, wood, other wood, and other wood.  drill, screws, glue, sander, sandpaper refills, putty knife, level, cloth to wipe off dust, vacuum)  That is 22 things!!!! and I've probably forgotten one or two things. 
This is why quilting is much more user-friendly as a hobby.  All I need for that are:  (well, I'm not going to itemize the items i need for quilting, but I am sure it is less than for woodworking. and there is no sawdust.)
I still need to sand and paint it, but that can come later, I do need to let the woodfiller set.


  1. looks great:)

  2. Nice neat job, as usual!

  3. If it's for sitting on, why not put a big fitted cushion on it and then some toss pillows. Then you don't need to sand and finish it so much. Caroline


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