Monday, July 12, 2010

Toad Travels

 If you've ever gone on my Facebook page, you may have noticed a photo album of pictures of Toad as he travels here and there.  He did come to New York and Halifax, although he mostly stayed inside. 
 But, he had one or two outings, and even found himself in a little motorcar!
 The antique store I mentioned yesterday had only one or two quilts, but this is one of them:

 There were roses blooming here and there, and I've even got one or two in my own yard.  I love the pale pink ones.
 The roses above were at Home Again, the B and B we stayed at.  This is where we had breakfast every morning, which is a corner of the kitchen:

you can find out more about Home Again by going to their  website, and also by staying tuned to future entries here.

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