Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Well, I have returned home, and now my nesting instinct is in full force, as I'm busily cleaning up, unpacking, and happily looking over my sewing room.  (Actually it is not just my sewing room any more, since it is my office and yarn storage as well). 
While I was away there was lots of progress on the sunroom that we are having added on to the end of the house.  In fact, there is lots of activity out there right now!  I hear saws.  Today is when they are coming through the wall!  It will be a French doors entry from the TV room, which is right next to my "sewing room"! 
It is very exciting!!!
I would show you a photo, except yesterday on the way home, I stopped by the store and forgot my camera there. 
Instead, I can show you some pictures of a scarf I made before I left on my trip.  It was sort of a test piece for that technique I mentioned earlier.  It is a "mesh" made of double crochets with a chain stitch in between each double crochet. 
 Then, the idea is to weave in other yarns in and out of the mesh. 

 This is the scarf, and the ends I just tied off into knots and trimmed evenly:
 I think it turned out pretty good!  Now I have my larger project to finish. -- the small blanket.  Actually I have pretty much finished the mesh part, and am working on sewing in all the ends of threads where I changed colors.  Stay posted, the transformation is soon to come!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Road Trip- Minnesota

Yesterday I started off the day in St. Paul.  I went to the Conservatory in Como Park,

 I really liked the reflections in the water

 the lines of the roof are mirrored in the pool

and then to a yarn store.  Okay, 2 yarn stores.  Also a very nice clothing store. 

I drove to Fargo, and then pulled in for the night in Casselton.  There was hardly any traffic after Minneapolis, which was very nice after the congestion further east.
After some quality time with Google maps, I knit this teensy tiny sock.  It is only 24 stitches around.
 I will try to knit the second one soon.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Road Trip- Wisconsin

These are some photos from yesterday:
There has been some beautiful fall color, in maples, and in other shrubs,

 there are cornfields
 and some lovely farm countryside, this was around Tomah

 a real autumn scene
 I'm not sure what these bushes are, but they are all over, and very pretty along the sides of the highway

 this is seen through the truck window as I go driving into the sunset

Friday, September 24, 2010

Road Trip -- literally

I've been a bad blogger.  I am hanging my head in shame.  Actually it's been quite busy and I realize that I can't just stop blogging when I get busy.  
Quick updates from now on!
1. I am on the road.  At the moment, in a little cafe in Lake Mills Wisconsin.. I like it here.  I never have been in Wisconsin before, but I like it.  I stopped and took some photos of red maple leaves.  later.
2. I am driving a half-ton truck from London ontario back to it's home in Saskatoon.  It's a long drive.
especially when I get sidetracked.  Yesterday I hit an outlet mall, an antiques mall, a grocery store and various parking spots where I either consulted my maps, or tapped into a coffe shop's wifi to see google maps. 
3. I am sort of having fun. 
4. I have a great looking salad to eat!
5. More... later 

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Well, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  I've been trying to update the web-site for some time now, but running into technical difficulties.  I tried using 3 different computers, but none of them co-operated.  Finally! a breakthrough.  I re-set the "FTP" connection, and did a few other things, and have now got access to it again.  Yay.   Well, I updated what I could on it, namely the class section, and the Saturday Surprise information.  There is still a lot to do.  I wish it would have more photos, and maybe even a whole new look.  Maybe I should take a class on web-site design.  I took a 6 or 8 hour class a few years ago, but that was mostly using Dreamweaver.  I think now that I am more familiar with web-sites in general, it would be a lot more useful.  Well, I think that's a good idea.  I will keep my eyes and ears open for web-site design classes. 

Tomorrow morning is the Show and Tell at the shop for the Saturday Surprise Sampler blocks from last year.  I stopped at Safeway earlier and bought a bunch of cookies for refreshments.  I am looking forward to seeing what people have been busy doing with their blocks.  It is always quite interesting.  It is also fun to see so many people.  I will have lots of photos to post tomorrow!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old books

A friend posted a link on facebook today that took me on a journey of seeing how people have been upcycling old books.  It is amazing, and beautiful and inspiring!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Big Fall Push

This must not! happen again.
First, I was at my friend's house this morning and she has moved all her sewing stuff into a different bedroom in their house.  It was great! So organized and comfy and inviting and conducive to having fun with sewing projects.  I was inspired to get organized myself.(this is the usual reaction to being at her place, I usually swing by Superstore on my way home to buy more containers-- today I got some nice woven baskets with handles...but I digress)
When I got home, I was overcome by the house.  Lately it seems to be a bit too "full".  I really like a place to be organized and "breezy" and a place for everything to go.  Right now there are stacks of stuff here and there.. books, yarn, binders of papers, all sorts of stuff.  Well, I decided to start in my sewing room/office, since it is my center of operations, so to speak.  
Among the regular disorder, I noticed that I was getting a bit of a stack of quilt tops.  I pulled them out and found that there are more than a dozen finished tops that haven't been quilted! NO!  Some I have backings set aside for, and some not.  I do need to baste around the edges of most of them, since that's what my machine quilter prefers, so that's what I am doing this afternoon, that and sewing the backings, and marking them with the size, so that I won't need to unfold them later to figure out what size of batting is required.  And this time, I will not ! put them back on the shelves.  I will ! phone up and arrange to drop them off to be quilted.  I do have one already basted and ready to quilt, and two that only need bindings, so I will try to do that in the next few days too.... aaahh.
Do you have this nesting instinct in the fall too? It seems that I want to get things all tidied up before winter, I think this happens every year. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Crochet Day

Well, at least it's been crochet morning
 I continue to make flower parts.  The ones above are not felted, and I think some of them will benefit from felting,
I don't know how many flower segments I have now.  I tend to make them and then store them in a glass jar, for the day when I decide to stack them and sew them together into fanciful flowers, to use for... who knows what.  Any ideas?  I don't tend to wear brooches too much, but can see pinning one or two to a side of a tote bag or something...
These yarns are along with me too for inspiration-- I'm at the cabin this week. I do plan to work on some book-keeping stuff for the shop, and also to work up some of the block patterns for the Saturday Surprise blocks.  The first one came out on Saturday, I'll put that photo in a later post.
 And this: 
this is going to be a little throw.  I am crocheting a "basic mesh", as shown in my new crochet book.  The idea is then to take long threads of yarn and weave them in and out vertically through the holes in the mesh, to create a sort of fabric.  We'll see how it turns out.  I suppose I should make a small sample first.  which I still might do, to test out whether to felt it or not later.  On the other hand, if I weave through yarns of other fiber contents, they might not shrink the same amount, so that would be a problem.  The colors are all sort of purples, grays, blues, and a little green which I'm not sure about.

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