Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Big Fall Push

This must not! happen again.
First, I was at my friend's house this morning and she has moved all her sewing stuff into a different bedroom in their house.  It was great! So organized and comfy and inviting and conducive to having fun with sewing projects.  I was inspired to get organized myself.(this is the usual reaction to being at her place, I usually swing by Superstore on my way home to buy more containers-- today I got some nice woven baskets with handles...but I digress)
When I got home, I was overcome by the house.  Lately it seems to be a bit too "full".  I really like a place to be organized and "breezy" and a place for everything to go.  Right now there are stacks of stuff here and there.. books, yarn, binders of papers, all sorts of stuff.  Well, I decided to start in my sewing room/office, since it is my center of operations, so to speak.  
Among the regular disorder, I noticed that I was getting a bit of a stack of quilt tops.  I pulled them out and found that there are more than a dozen finished tops that haven't been quilted! NO!  Some I have backings set aside for, and some not.  I do need to baste around the edges of most of them, since that's what my machine quilter prefers, so that's what I am doing this afternoon, that and sewing the backings, and marking them with the size, so that I won't need to unfold them later to figure out what size of batting is required.  And this time, I will not ! put them back on the shelves.  I will ! phone up and arrange to drop them off to be quilted.  I do have one already basted and ready to quilt, and two that only need bindings, so I will try to do that in the next few days too.... aaahh.
Do you have this nesting instinct in the fall too? It seems that I want to get things all tidied up before winter, I think this happens every year. 

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  1. i certainly feel like this in the fall - it's like it's a beginning rather than an ending, and order gives you a fresh place to start. i have often wondered whether it comes from a new school year starting in september...i've had to put off my nesting/sorting/organizing for a bit. i had to clear a space in my 'wool room' for my sister to stay in when she comes next week. since sorting (and perhaps downsizing - oh dear!) my yarn stash will take several days, i just can't do it now....but i can plan! i'm not even going to think about sorting my quilting bits just now! but then, winter is long....i'm sure i'll have time then....
    stay warm and dry today!


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