Thursday, June 8, 2017


We all have busy lives.  Trying to get things done and find a balance between work, family and play.  With all that's going on in the world I'm glad there is quilting to centre my mind.  And there is also the ability to unplug, disconnect and escape for a while.  I took some time out to visit one of my sisters (I have 3 - and a twin brother!) in Kelowna.  It was the perfect thing to do. 

We walked a lot of trails.  Many of them were repurposed rail beds that are now groomed and go for many kilometres.  One of them runs 80K from Kelowna to Penticton and my brother in-law and nephew have it on their cycling to do list.  This particular photo was taken on the Penticton end of this trail.  So many vineyards, apple orchards, cherry orchards and even the occasional lavender farm in and around Kelowna!

We traveled to Vernon to visit a grassland sanctuary.  It was an old weather station that had been converted to a sanctuary where the public can walk and learn about the native plant species and even watch the marmots as they sit on their rock pile.  They also had a live bee hive which was visible behind glass.  We were able to watch them working so hard at keeping things going in the hive.  Because the vineyards need bees to help with grape growing there are many places that have hives and they are concerned and very serious about preserving the bees which have been declining in population.

Interestingly they also had the beginnings of a tiny house being built which they plan to raffle off as a fundraiser.

My tour in and around Kelowna included an apple orchard with the neatest shops.  A bee apiary which sold meads in addition to honey and honey byproducts.  We also visited an historic farm with the most amazing house.  There was even a quilt shop with ready made quilts and quilted items at this farm. I was momentarily distracted by half a dozen Necessary Clutch wallets until I remembered I had the pattern and better get on it!

We also stopped at a few quilt shops.  One in Vernon, two in Kelowna, one in Summerland (which was fantastic!) and one in Penticton.  My sister isn't a quilter so she deserves huge props for not only driving me around but putting up with me as I spent time dreaming of and choosing fabrics in each shop.

Of course we visited a couple of wineries.  Summerhill is just at the bottom of the hill from where my sister lives.  And we stopped at Missionhill.  I'm allergic to most wines so I didn't go crazy with wine tastings but I did manage to purchase a package of amazing dark chocolate cherries!

Okanagan Lake is experiencing the highest water levels it has ever had.  Consequently all of the beaches are closed and quite honestly non-existent.  Washed away by the high water level.  The homes and businesses along the lake are all sandbagged and praying they avoid water damage.  The next photo gives you a bit of an idea of how it is.

My final day was spent at the top of a mountain biking on yet another repurposed train bed.  It was absolute fun!  11 trestle bridges - we did 8 because I had to be at the airport in the afternoon - and 2 tunnels. 
And so I return home refreshed and recharged and ready to continue on with my life as wife, mother and shop owner.  I hope all of you will get the chance to enjoy some time away from the everyday this summer.  Happy quilting!

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