Thursday, April 7, 2011

On the road again!

Busy last couple of weeks!
Currently sitting in Starbucks, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. 
En route to Savannah, Yipppeeee!
It's a long drive from Saskatchewan down to Georgia, but I'm willing!
Actually, I'm about half there already.  I drove hard on Monday and Tuesday, making it to Minneapolis, where I decided to spend a day sight-seeing and relaxing.  I was lucky to get a really cheap price on Hotwire for a great downtown hotel.  I quite like Minneapolis-St.Paul.  It is pretty laid back and not too hard to drive around in.  Of course, I now have a GPS.  I must say that was the best $100. I ever spent.  It makes life so easy on the road.  Yesterday morning I spent several hours at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. What a great place.  It is quite a comprehensive museum, with a combination of paintings, scupltures, textiles, photograph exhibits, and a nice luch spot.  It has a nice park-like courtyard, which was nice to sit in for a while, as the weather was fresh and warm.  At about 3 p.m. I drove over to Grant Avenue in St. Paul.  It's a nice street filled with restaurants and shops.  I unerringly found my way to the yarn store that I visited last fall.  I also visited a shop showcasing crafts of the area, like pottery, glass, printmaking and wood. 
This morning I started out my driving again.  I only plan to go as far as Madison today, where I'll see and stay over with some friends.
Along the way I try to keep my eyes open for ideas and think about the shop of course!!!!  Also thinking of many people like Deb, Nancy, Patti, Jenn, Jackie, Wendy, Val  and Sandy who are so great at keeping things moving along so well at home!!!

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