Monday, June 27, 2011

Some Show and Tell

 When I came to Savannah I brought a few projects to work on. 
Ages ago I started a crochet afghan that consists of a grid that I am weaving other threads through to make a sort of fabric:
 I still have lots of weaving to do, but I'll just keep working away at it.
Another project was not a UFO, but started when I got here.  It is a quilt that measures about 78" square.  it is from a pattern and fabric designed by Laundry Basket Fabrics by moda. 
 It combines regularly printed fabrics with batiks, and I really liked how they blended together in the quilt.  I sewed it as a sample for the store, and we have kits for it there.
 And finally for today, this table top penny rug was started Years ago, probably at least 5 years.  I'm glad that I finished it off, and can now enjoy using it. 
I love anything that has a pear on it.  But I must say, I have recently discovered the joys of a Georgia Peach! They are yummy!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Through the window

 I recently saw an exhibition that focused on paintings of window scenes.  It was very interesting as the window or door creates another frame for the view. 
I really liked it because it can translate into how we see art every day as we go through our homes and look outside, or in windows of shops, that sort of thing.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Little stars...

 I decided to make some little eight-pointed stars. 
 It's easiest to hand piece stuff like this.
 Not quite sure how many to make, or what to do with them, but I think it'll have lots of white.

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