Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Block 8 whirligig

This is block eight of the sticks and stones color way of our Saturday surprise Sampler program. It is called Whirligig:

I mentioned yesterday that I was doing some backstitching on the cotton linen blend that is new at the stoRe.  I  Did make some hexagon frames for the two birds that I stitched.  now I need to decide which background to use, the gray or the blue. Right now I am prewashing them to see what they look like washed.   I backstitch around the edges so they won't fray in the wash.
I was sorry that I had to cover up a little bit of the owls tail. I suppose I should have made the frame first and then made the stitching to fit within it.  Oh well, I'll know for next time.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Enjoy the process

Have you ever heard that saying "he went riding off in all directions."?  That describes me the last couple days.  I have been working on all sorts of different projects. However I have finished a couple of small gifts for Christmas. Remember the lavender sachets?
Remember the Dottie quilt top?
I put the borders on, and was preparing the backing fabric, (that's the zigzag fabric in the photo above), when I realized I could make small pieced border for the quilt as well. It's not on the pattern, but I think it would be nice edging for it. I was thinking of just some gray and white half square triangles all around the perimeter.
I'm up to four blocks done for the Swoon quilt:
And I decided to try some simple embroidery on one of the cotton linen fabrics:
I traced a couple of black and white images of birds on to  6 inch squares on the fabric and I am backstitching the outlines.   
So far I have done a sparrow, and have started on a screech owl
I'm thinking that I might make papers pieced frames to put around the birds.
Not quite too sure about this project, where it's going.  I guess it's one of those that evolve. I'm not sure if I'll use just the linen fabrics or maybe use one of them as a background and use printed fabrics for the hexagons.....
Well I hope you are getting some Christmas projects done, just enjoy the process!

Saturday, December 14, 2013


 I hAve made one lavender sachet so far.  
It smells wonderful.  
I have a few more ready to be sewn,
I had a leftover piece of linen about four inches wide, So I am just marking off squares along it and hope to do a few more.
Speaking of linen, we just got in some linen and cotton linen fabrics at the shop. I am intrigued by these fabrics. Of course you see Linen used a lot in small sewing projects.
I got this book last week and it has some really cute things in it, 

Such as this pencil case
And this apron,
They both seem like doable projects. I think I might try washing the linen first before using it and see what the texture will be like, whether it will change at all. I'm thinking this fabric will be wonderful to use in tote bags as well.
Deirdre will be here in a week or two and she does screen printing on fabric, I'm looking forward to her opinion on these fabrics as well.

Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am making progress on my Swoon quilt,  now having completed two blocks. The goal is to make nine blocks.
My process on this quilt is a bit different than what I usually do. Usually I cut out all pieces before hand and then so all at once. This time I am just cutting as I sew.  
This means that my cutting table looks like this.
On another note, I was shopping and had to buy this little P ornament.
It is so cute. It is stuffed. There is regular cotton on the front, and felt on the back. I think the little felted beads underneath the Letter are what really made me want it. 
If a person had time on their hands they could make a whole bumch of these letters, which is an idea if you have time on your hands.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sewing today

I finished my Dawdy quilt top except for the borders and now I'm just waiting to get the border fabric. However I do want to do some sewing today.
I have all these projects running around in my brain to make cute things for Christmas. But it is too confusing to decide which one to start with.
 Therefore I will go to the tried-and-true and start a quilt that I've been meaning to make for a long time. This is the one called swoon
It is designed by Camille Roskelley. She also designs fabrics. This is another picture of it from her blog.
There have been many, many quilts made in the last few years and  if you just Google it you will see lots and lots of different versions. You can get the pattern for it as a PDF from her blog.
(It is also on order for the shop, and so you could pick up the paper pattern in a couple of weeks)
I also made myself a little page of instructions for some lavender sachet gifts.  The idea is they will have a small Crosstitch section sewn on to some pretty fabric, stuffed with lavender and with a Loop.  That way they can hang on a hanger in someone's closet and be useful.
Well now I have a plan I will go do it, and try to close my eyes to all the other possible projects that are clamoring for my attention.
I hope you are having fun this December. All the decorating and planning for Christmas and cooking and baking can be so exciting as long as you don't make it too much pressure on yourself.  
If I do at least one out of five of every idea I have I think I'll be doing fine.

Monday, December 9, 2013


When I first saw this pattern, I really liked it.  I love quilts that Use a simple repeated block like many traditional quilts. But this block is so cute and modern looking!
It is called Dottie by Click Cluck Sew:
After some consideration I decided to make it using cornflower blue and gray blocks against a white background.

You cut the pieces for the blocks from either a 10 x 9" Square or from a fat quarter. In my case I used a fat eight which gives me two 10 inch squares.
Yesterday I got all the blocks completed and now I'm ready to sew the Sashing between them.
Does this color combination look familiar?
Or how about this one
Again, I am so interested in how we are influenced by colors we see every day around us played out in nature.
Anyway, I like the pattern so much that I asked the girls at shop to cut a kit for it using another group of fabrics that we got in recently by Holly Taylor.
I think it will give a totally different effect but equally as beautiful. I love all these fabrics with the falling leaves on them,
I hope to get my blue and gray quilt finished by January sometime, I'm not quite sure how I'll do the quilting  yet. After that I think we will probably cut kits for that colorway as well.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

What has happened here

I went to a craft sale in the lobby of the Jepson art gallery yesterday.  There was a very tall tree all decorated and candy canes and other kinds of rock candy, it looked really pretty.
But there was a sheet of plastic under the tree, how puzzling.  It seems that the outer layer of sugar on some of the candy haf liquified and dripped off.
I wonder why this happened? 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Sandy's Modern Quilt

So many people have taken a class from Sandy cook that she needs no introduction. Lately she has offered a quilt class on modern improvisational quilting And also one on free motion quilting with the modern design focus. This is the sample that she brought into show people what the classes would be about.
The front has sections of different techniques
The back Shows off some of the leftover blocks.
The large areas of gray really show off the free motion quilting.

It makes me want to just dive in and try some of these blocks. Any of them would make a fabulous quilt just on their own. If you want to take the class we just recently set some new times for after Christmas.
If you want to register for one of the classes, you can just Dropinto the shop to register, or even just make a phone call at 933–3072.

Also, if you like this style of quilting, just a reminder that there is the modern quilt guild that meets twice a month, you might like to go to their meetings.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Topsy turvy with Bluebird Park

This is the front of the sneak peek from yesterday:
It uses a new line of fabrics designed by Kate and Birdie for moda, called Bluebird Park.  It starts with a charm pack of five-inch squares.   It's a fun easy pattern that sews up pretty quickly,  nice size for using to curl up with on the sofa, and the minke/cuddle fabric on the back marks it very cozy.

If you've never been to the Flock and Gather craft sale before, it's coming up this weekend.  It has a lovely mix of craft items that are lovingly made by the very person you buy it from,
This is their blog where they have a series of posts about the various participants

You'll have fun!  

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sticks and Stones block 7

Can we really be on block seven already? These blocks seem to be going by very quickly. This one is called shaded churn dash. It's similar to last weeks block,  the shaded pinwheel, in that it uses variations of the colour brown.
I've mentioned before but I'll say it again: I think that the colors this year really lend themselves to variations of shading.  It might be good to think about when you're considering different setting options down the road. Which reminds me. I am sewing on the final borders to a previous year's sampler, the 1930's color way.  
For setting these squares, I sewed about 20 log cabin blocks to alternate with the sampler blocks,
I hope to use two narrow inner borders followed by a wider outer border of the green

I'm delighted and how it's looking so far. I think it will be really happy sunshine summer looking quilt. 

Sneak peek

This is just the back of a quilt that I am finishing up that will soon be in the shop as a kit sample.  The sneak peek shows the backing which is the really soft cuddle Fabric. I've used it as backings before but just with straight-line quilting. I was really happy with how it responds to free motion quilting as well.
On another note it's December now. I kicked off my Christmas shopping last week at Handmade House on Broadway Avenue where I found this wonderful pair of hand knitted mittens.
all Things Thread is a great name, too,  (hi Linda!)
I hope that you are entering December on a happy note with lots of things to look forward to this month. Hand made gifts, homemade goodies for the family, lots of visits with loved ones and friends.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Kids quilt

Simple quilt using a wide border print
I like the foxes and the hedgehogs.

Turned out pretty cute so we are making kits at the shop!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Better late than never

Block five is called Broken Dishes, it came out on November 2

block Six, Shaded pinwheel,  and it came out on November 16

It seems to me that that the fabrics in the sticks and stones colorway really lend themselves to nicely shaded effects in the blocks. I think that the quilts coming from this will be really beautiful.

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