Thursday, December 12, 2013


I am making progress on my Swoon quilt,  now having completed two blocks. The goal is to make nine blocks.
My process on this quilt is a bit different than what I usually do. Usually I cut out all pieces before hand and then so all at once. This time I am just cutting as I sew.  
This means that my cutting table looks like this.
On another note, I was shopping and had to buy this little P ornament.
It is so cute. It is stuffed. There is regular cotton on the front, and felt on the back. I think the little felted beads underneath the Letter are what really made me want it. 
If a person had time on their hands they could make a whole bumch of these letters, which is an idea if you have time on your hands.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Flo, I am liking the look of them, these are 16 inch blocks,

  2. time on their hands? TIME on their hands? oy - 12 days until christmas and you're finding lovely little projects like this to make! it will have to go on the list for after the madness, i fear! enjoy the warm, my dear!


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