Monday, December 9, 2013


When I first saw this pattern, I really liked it.  I love quilts that Use a simple repeated block like many traditional quilts. But this block is so cute and modern looking!
It is called Dottie by Click Cluck Sew:
After some consideration I decided to make it using cornflower blue and gray blocks against a white background.

You cut the pieces for the blocks from either a 10 x 9" Square or from a fat quarter. In my case I used a fat eight which gives me two 10 inch squares.
Yesterday I got all the blocks completed and now I'm ready to sew the Sashing between them.
Does this color combination look familiar?
Or how about this one
Again, I am so interested in how we are influenced by colors we see every day around us played out in nature.
Anyway, I like the pattern so much that I asked the girls at shop to cut a kit for it using another group of fabrics that we got in recently by Holly Taylor.
I think it will give a totally different effect but equally as beautiful. I love all these fabrics with the falling leaves on them,
I hope to get my blue and gray quilt finished by January sometime, I'm not quite sure how I'll do the quilting  yet. After that I think we will probably cut kits for that colorway as well.

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