Monday, December 16, 2013

Enjoy the process

Have you ever heard that saying "he went riding off in all directions."?  That describes me the last couple days.  I have been working on all sorts of different projects. However I have finished a couple of small gifts for Christmas. Remember the lavender sachets?
Remember the Dottie quilt top?
I put the borders on, and was preparing the backing fabric, (that's the zigzag fabric in the photo above), when I realized I could make small pieced border for the quilt as well. It's not on the pattern, but I think it would be nice edging for it. I was thinking of just some gray and white half square triangles all around the perimeter.
I'm up to four blocks done for the Swoon quilt:
And I decided to try some simple embroidery on one of the cotton linen fabrics:
I traced a couple of black and white images of birds on to  6 inch squares on the fabric and I am backstitching the outlines.   
So far I have done a sparrow, and have started on a screech owl
I'm thinking that I might make papers pieced frames to put around the birds.
Not quite too sure about this project, where it's going.  I guess it's one of those that evolve. I'm not sure if I'll use just the linen fabrics or maybe use one of them as a background and use printed fabrics for the hexagons.....
Well I hope you are getting some Christmas projects done, just enjoy the process!

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  1. Love these colours together.... We have a regular family of chickadees and I enjoy the movement around the gazebo... And of course the bluejay lets us know when he is around:) hope you enjoy embroidering your birds.


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