Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Goodbye Blog - Hello social media!

Hi everyone!

Things have really changed since my last post in February.  To be honest, the lack of blog posts has been a casualty of all these changes.

Covid19 closed the shop in March for two and half months.  During those months we operated through closed doors doing online/phone orders, mail outs and curb side pick up.  Understandably my staff was also reduced from 8 to 3 members.  So we worked like crazy to keep things going.  But there were a few things that fell by the wayside.  The blog was one of them.

I did discover that many of my customers followed the shop on Facebook and Instagram.  These are both great forums for letting you know all the happenings at the shop.  And for those of you who are not social media followers, I've been sending out a newsletter from my website (you can sign up for the newsletter right on the website if you're not already receiving it) to keep you informed.

Many designers and bloggers have moved to social media to promote their businesses and so I feel now the time is right to do the same.

This will be my last blog post so do follow the shop on Facebook and Instagram.  Or go to the Periwinkle website: and sign up to receive our newsletter via email.

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