Saturday, June 29, 2013

New fabrics,

There are loads of new fabrics arriving at the store lately.  I photographed some of them on Friday:
The beautiful rainbow of shot cottons and woven stripes from Kaffeeklatsch Fassett, with a wide variety of precuts,

Moda's marble dots
A happy grouping called "twenty-three", 
Christmas fabrics!  
Lots of modern and traditional designs, 
If you're into 1800's reproduction fabrics, we now have a selection of Jo Morton fabrics,
And if flannel is your thing, we have some new baby flannels
And more "woollies" by Maywood"

What to do with them all?!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An easy ribbon project

I decided that I wanted a new pillowcase using some pretty art gallery fabric that I had on hand, 
Usually I cut the main part of the pillowcase about 27 inches x the width of the fabric, about 44 inches, and the contrasting end about 10 inches x 44 inches.  I didn't have that much for the end piece so I cut the other piece a bit longer and added a band of turquoise fabric as well.   As I started to sew it together, it occurred to me that I had some ribbon that might coordinate with the colors, so I added it by just stitching it down over the turquoise.  

I think if I had made the band a bit wider I would have used the butterfly ribbon, but it would have just totally covered it over..but I'm happy with how it turned out,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 Aha, Patti, you are a good detective!  so you can get the pattern in a quilt magazine now!  Also, I noticed today while going through some photo files, that they had the actual quilt in the Free Spirit booth last autumn in Houston!

I made 30 blocks, and I thought I would see how they would look if I restricted the color usage in different settings...

lots of the yellows

blocks with light greys

dark greys and turquoise

light and dark greys and turquoise

dark blocks in checkerboard pattern

all the blocks together

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Current Quilt Project

The design of the quilt that i am working on is quite simple, but very dramatic!
It was designed by Melissa white, who is a designer for Westminster Fabrics,  here
A few months ago there was a free pattern on the website, for this quilt,

I would provide you with the link, but they seem to have changed the website and the pattern is now gone, at least I cant find it.  Fortunately I took a screen capture of the quilt at the time so that I can show you it now. 
It is very similar to one made by Terry Atkinson, Lucky Stars, or Star Fling,  (which I think that I've sewn three times)
  but this one has the addition of the white triangles on the 4 corner squares of the ninepatch.  What a difference a small detail like that makes.  Also, theAtkin on ones might be 9 inch finished blocks, and this one is 12 inch finished blocks. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's happened again... I am piecing together blocks of brightly colored fabric, and then I notice that the same colors are reflected in something in my environment.
I might have mentioned how much I love Art Gallery fabrics, and the last batch we got in are especially beautiful. 

As I sat at the sewing machine, I noticed my little container holding basting pins...  there were the same colors -- mustard yellow, turquoise, blue, white,
 They all have such delightful patterns:

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