Wednesday, June 12, 2013


 Aha, Patti, you are a good detective!  so you can get the pattern in a quilt magazine now!  Also, I noticed today while going through some photo files, that they had the actual quilt in the Free Spirit booth last autumn in Houston!

I made 30 blocks, and I thought I would see how they would look if I restricted the color usage in different settings...

lots of the yellows

blocks with light greys

dark greys and turquoise

light and dark greys and turquoise

dark blocks in checkerboard pattern

all the blocks together


  1. The possibilities are endless! The checkerboard is a cool idea too. love them! ps I am just an accidental detective, tee hee!

  2. I have the quilt magazine with this pattern in it, too. I have "bookmarked" for future reference. I love what you've done with it and all the variations. I might just have to move my bookmark closer to the top of the pile.


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