Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An easy ribbon project

I decided that I wanted a new pillowcase using some pretty art gallery fabric that I had on hand, 
Usually I cut the main part of the pillowcase about 27 inches x the width of the fabric, about 44 inches, and the contrasting end about 10 inches x 44 inches.  I didn't have that much for the end piece so I cut the other piece a bit longer and added a band of turquoise fabric as well.   As I started to sew it together, it occurred to me that I had some ribbon that might coordinate with the colors, so I added it by just stitching it down over the turquoise.  

I think if I had made the band a bit wider I would have used the butterfly ribbon, but it would have just totally covered it over..but I'm happy with how it turned out,


  1. Oh, that's pretty! Great use of ribbon. I need to use more! I made the band of a bracelet the other day but haven't grabbed a clasp for it yet...

  2. Your pillowcase is very pretty. The ribbon really adds to it.

  3. So lovely!

    nancy b


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