Sunday, June 9, 2013


It's happened again... I am piecing together blocks of brightly colored fabric, and then I notice that the same colors are reflected in something in my environment.
I might have mentioned how much I love Art Gallery fabrics, and the last batch we got in are especially beautiful. 

As I sat at the sewing machine, I noticed my little container holding basting pins...  there were the same colors -- mustard yellow, turquoise, blue, white,
 They all have such delightful patterns:


  1. I love those star blocks! They look like they are made with the connector corners... And of course the Art Gallery Fabrics. No sewing for me today. Riding horses and cleaning the horse trailer (on the inside, blah!)

  2. i have a tile painted by my grandmother in just those same colours! beautiful! cheers, molly

    1. it's a great color combination, isn't it? the Italians know.

  3. Well, it's obvious that you have great taste in colour. :-)

    I think when we like the colour palette in a space or in an object, we subconsciously gravitate to it in other things… Regardless, those blocks are beautiful...


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