Saturday, June 29, 2013

New fabrics,

There are loads of new fabrics arriving at the store lately.  I photographed some of them on Friday:
The beautiful rainbow of shot cottons and woven stripes from Kaffeeklatsch Fassett, with a wide variety of precuts,

Moda's marble dots
A happy grouping called "twenty-three", 
Christmas fabrics!  
Lots of modern and traditional designs, 
If you're into 1800's reproduction fabrics, we now have a selection of Jo Morton fabrics,
And if flannel is your thing, we have some new baby flannels
And more "woollies" by Maywood"

What to do with them all?!


  1. I was drooling over these the other day. I love the new Christmas fabrics - and the fact that they are kinda un-Christmas-y; suitable for Christmas but you can easily make them into a winter/all-season quilt. So pretty!

  2. beautiful! i love the baby flannels! and i may just need a 'little scrap' of some of them...hee hee! welcome back!

  3. HA! oh Michelle, I went in on Friday to buy some beige. HA! not likely. I came home with white, orange, green, fuscia, yellow...

    : )

    quilt top nearly complete.

    Monika : )


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