Friday, September 28, 2012

Upping the Cuteness Factor

I was going to do some sewing yesterday, and so I started by tidying up my sewing room,
I then put all my 1930's blocks up on the design wall-- not in any order or setting, but just to see what I have.  well, there are 20 pieced blocks and 7 applique ones.  I was surprised at how much yellow I had used!
Then, I decided to finish a couple of small yarn projects.  I finsished a pair of crocheted slippers, and a round crocheted throw rug, and wrapped a styrofoam wreath with yarn as part of another project. 
Then, I started a little button project:
Yes, it is going to be a letter P, covered in buttons and framed in a hoop.  It is part of my overall goal to make a lot of cute things to put up in the store to enhance the ambiance..  So in this project, I'll make a series of letters using different techniques and hang them in hoops.  I'll start with PERI and if it is fun, I'll continue with the -WINKLE.  I am thinking of spray painting the hoops white or black. 

I'm also hoping to sew something with these great charm packs of batiks that we have at the store:
Still mulling over what to do with them, I decided to spread some out to get a closer look at the colors and patterns, which was fun.

 I started to get creative with the photo of this pack, "Over the Rainbow", and it does have all the rainbow colors,
 I am trying to think of some cute photos to put up on the website to improve it's cuteness quotient as well!
So, although I didn't actually do any real "sewing", I feel like I am having fun with fabric! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi, and some photo filters

Well, as you might observe, I'm back in Savannah for a couple of weeks, and tonight I was fiddling around with the picture editing features on Picasa,
This morning's sunlight came in so nicely on the coffee table:
 Doesn't it look dramatic...
 and with this other filter, the colors on the table runner and pottery just pop:

 this one even seems to have some sort of spotlight focused on the bowl..
 These last two photos are unaltered, and are other tables that I like, at Back in the Day Bakery,
I'm working up to doing some sewing, maybe tomorrow.
Just wanted to say hi.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cute placemats

There's a really cute pattern for placemats on the moda Bake Shop site today. They are designed by Emily Herrick who has a blog called crazy old ladies. Hmmm.
The placemats are like paintchips and you could make up all sorts of fun names to embroider on as the color names.
The link to the pattern is
Hmm it's possibly impossible to create a link using blogger on an iPad.
Well it is on the moda website which has a link on the sidebar, or you can cut and paste the URL.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Some blog design updates

I'm not sure if anybody out there uses the automatically sent email feature of the blog, and I am testing it to see how it works. 
The idea of it is that whenever I put up any new content on the blog, you will get it via your email.
All you do is:
1. find the button on the side-bar
2. enter your email address and type in the verification letters to prove you're a real person
3. go to your email and there should be a message for you
4. click on the link to verify that you do want to receive email updates
  That's all there is to it!

Another update is that I posted some photos of last years quilt tops for the Saturday Surprise Sampler under the tab called Sampler Blocks for 2011-2012, that is located in the horizontal bar that runs under the header at the top of this page, 
Miriam's quilt, using the Topsy Turvy setting, she made some extra applique blocks too!

Janet's quilt, using all applique feature blocks! (I love it)
I made a new tab for this year's blocks too, called Surprise Sampler 2012-2013, Black and White, and have the color photo of Block One.
Block one, Mosaic
preview of future blocks!
(Note, it is never too late to start these blocks! and they are fun,)
I hope that these updates are useful!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Black, White and Bright Block One

 The first block of the Saturday Surprise Sampler program is available now, and it is called Mosaic:

We had the show and tell of quilt projects from last year, and there were some lovely tops, you can see them if you go to the page in the tabs above, for the 2011-2012 year.  Thanks so much to those who brought their projects to show us!
I have a really tall stack of blocks to put together, since I sewed both colorways, and we had the extra applique blocks too.....  so it was good to see how nicely they went together in the ones that people brought.

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