Monday, September 17, 2012

Some blog design updates

I'm not sure if anybody out there uses the automatically sent email feature of the blog, and I am testing it to see how it works. 
The idea of it is that whenever I put up any new content on the blog, you will get it via your email.
All you do is:
1. find the button on the side-bar
2. enter your email address and type in the verification letters to prove you're a real person
3. go to your email and there should be a message for you
4. click on the link to verify that you do want to receive email updates
  That's all there is to it!

Another update is that I posted some photos of last years quilt tops for the Saturday Surprise Sampler under the tab called Sampler Blocks for 2011-2012, that is located in the horizontal bar that runs under the header at the top of this page, 
Miriam's quilt, using the Topsy Turvy setting, she made some extra applique blocks too!

Janet's quilt, using all applique feature blocks! (I love it)
I made a new tab for this year's blocks too, called Surprise Sampler 2012-2013, Black and White, and have the color photo of Block One.
Block one, Mosaic
preview of future blocks!
(Note, it is never too late to start these blocks! and they are fun,)
I hope that these updates are useful!


  1. Michelle - the new Periwinkle website looks super! I like it a lot!
    Nancy B

  2. I just signed up for the automatic e-mails! I find those so helpful in not missing any blog posts from blogs I love to read, like yours!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!! Hugs, Silke

  3. Thanks Nancy, the next step is to get some more up to date photos,
    Silke, thanks! I just noticed that you have a new blog post too! Looking forward to seeing you in a week or so, m

  4. Hi Michelle. I quite often sign up for email notices as well as being a "follower" of the blogitself. This way I don't have to search to see if there is a new blog posted. I will just have it emailed to me. The one comment (downside??) I have is that i quite often don't get the email notice for up to a day after the blog itself has been posted. Not a biggie, buit there definitely is a delay. love the new BOM!!

    1. thanks Bonnie, I like the fabrics for the black and white, they are really up-beat, Yes, I find that you get the posting the following morning, but it is sort of nice to have it right there,


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