Friday, September 28, 2012

Upping the Cuteness Factor

I was going to do some sewing yesterday, and so I started by tidying up my sewing room,
I then put all my 1930's blocks up on the design wall-- not in any order or setting, but just to see what I have.  well, there are 20 pieced blocks and 7 applique ones.  I was surprised at how much yellow I had used!
Then, I decided to finish a couple of small yarn projects.  I finsished a pair of crocheted slippers, and a round crocheted throw rug, and wrapped a styrofoam wreath with yarn as part of another project. 
Then, I started a little button project:
Yes, it is going to be a letter P, covered in buttons and framed in a hoop.  It is part of my overall goal to make a lot of cute things to put up in the store to enhance the ambiance..  So in this project, I'll make a series of letters using different techniques and hang them in hoops.  I'll start with PERI and if it is fun, I'll continue with the -WINKLE.  I am thinking of spray painting the hoops white or black. 

I'm also hoping to sew something with these great charm packs of batiks that we have at the store:
Still mulling over what to do with them, I decided to spread some out to get a closer look at the colors and patterns, which was fun.

 I started to get creative with the photo of this pack, "Over the Rainbow", and it does have all the rainbow colors,
 I am trying to think of some cute photos to put up on the website to improve it's cuteness quotient as well!
So, although I didn't actually do any real "sewing", I feel like I am having fun with fabric! 


  1. hey michelle - 90% of successful sewing is preparation work and 'playing'! and the cuteness factor is going to be grand!

  2. having fun with fabric is what is most important :)

  3. what a wonderful collection of batik fabric!!

  4. Yes! Playing is super-important! And I wouldn't have said there was a lot of yellow in the blocks but it does pop doesn't it? They are wonderful all the same. Love the button project; can't wait to see the whole thing. And I know you'll be shocked but I bought some the Over the Rainbow charm paks!

  5. IF you need a good home for your 30's reproduction applique blocks I'll take your orphans and give them a good home!!
    PS Love the rainbow of colors - very nice and I'm not really a batik person but i thought the colors were so vibrant and that slanted picture really cool.


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