Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi, and some photo filters

Well, as you might observe, I'm back in Savannah for a couple of weeks, and tonight I was fiddling around with the picture editing features on Picasa,
This morning's sunlight came in so nicely on the coffee table:
 Doesn't it look dramatic...
 and with this other filter, the colors on the table runner and pottery just pop:

 this one even seems to have some sort of spotlight focused on the bowl..
 These last two photos are unaltered, and are other tables that I like, at Back in the Day Bakery,
I'm working up to doing some sewing, maybe tomorrow.
Just wanted to say hi.


  1. That is so amazing!! I love the effects of that much better than the dark grainy instagram thing.
    Hi back ; )

  2. The filters do a wonderful job at highlighting your shots. Looks like your having fun. Sorry I missed you I stopped by the shop with my last entry for McCall' s Quilting. The pic will be posted on their site Monday or Tuesday with the voting starting on Tuesday if you have time check it out.
    Are down for the winter? or just a short spell?
    Have a great one Michelle
    in stitches

  3. Your photos are really neat. Love how the colours pop! And do you think the Bakery would miss that flower lamp if you snuck it out in your coat sometime? ;)

  4. Thanks, exaggerating colors can be fun, and there are a lot of things at the bakery that i'd like to take home!


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