Friday, March 30, 2012

Brown Collage

 Playing with Picasa, I made a collage featuring  Brown!
When I went to get the picture from my collages folder, I noticed one that I made quite a while ago, featuring little fabric birds that I made.  It's funny how one returns to similar shapes or ideas over and over again with different approaches.  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bonnet Girls progress

 I spent some time with the bonnet girls quilt.  It needed a border, so I decided on a pretty simple strip-pieced squares on point.  It is a seminole technique where you cut up strip sets and sew them together in a staggered way, like a staircase, and the extra fabric on the sides is later cut away.
 To get the pattern to go around the corner, I had to add a little strip of yellow at the top and the bottom of the central unit:
 and then I added a one-inch border of the gray, and a 4 inch border of white....
now it's all ready to baste!  and I pieced a back from some fabrics from my stash, so I don't even need to go shopping for the back... I guess that means no excuses for not basting it today (or tonight, or tomorrow...)
Actually, I do have another quilt that has it's binding ready to be hand-stitched to the back, and maybe that's what's beckoning to me now.
Hoping you are having a nice Wednesday!  It is the Wednesday link-up to see what others are working on....

Monday, March 26, 2012

A Look Back at Asheville

We got home from Asheville, North Carolina, yesterday afternoon and it was a good trip!
I created two photo collages to summarize the impressions of it:
The first, I call, "Asheville in Spring Bloom"

and the second, hits upon some of the eye candy to be seen there

It is certainly a wonderful place to visit for a few days if you like craft.
Which I do.
The following photos are some of the highlights of our trip:
 Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Asheville was in bloom!  Like many other places, spring came a little early this year.  We happened upon a string of cherry trees that were in full bloom.  It seemed to me that they were similar to trees covered in hoar frost.
 In the River Arts District, by the French Broad River in the old railroad area, numerous old warehouses and factories have been taken over by artists and craftspeople for use as studio and sales spaces.  What a treat to visit and see people at work doing such creative things.
 painters, weavers, potters, photographers,....
 and interspersed with the buildings were some gorgeous gardens
 Downtown Asheville is a non-stop tour of galleries, including one of my favorites that focuses on Folk Art, and Outsider Artists.
 There is the Grove Arcade, a historic building that houses retail spaces on the ground level, businesses on the second level, and condos on the third floor:

Many people think of Asheville as the home of Biltmore, the huge house and gardens built by George Vanderbilt in the 1890's.  It is truly a beautiful estate and a glimpse into life in an earlier era.

 It is also home to Highwater Clay, where I did some shopping!
 And of course, there are yarn stores to entice the those who like to knit!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The grey clouds

Although the rainclouds threatened, they didn't produce anything much! This photo was taken on my iPad with the hipstamatic app where you can use various film types and filters, it is a lot of fun, although it's pretty hit and miss what you end up with.-- but that's the beauty of digital, you can take lots and lots of photos!


Isn't this an interesting leaf? It has developed these raised spots like Braille writing.

Being the tourist

I had a lot to take photos of today in Asheville, as we visited the Biltmore estate; the largest privately owned house in the u.s., at over 250 rooms, and 3 million planted trees, with beautifully laid out formal gardens and greenhouses. It was a lovely day, although rain seemed imminent at many points, the sun did manage to prevail!

Pickup block #15, and the 8th Applique block

This is today's block for the Saturday Surprise Sampler!  It is called Temple Court, and it is one of my favorites-- although I seem to have a Lot of Favorites!!
There is also a new applique block that is ready today!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Emily Wilson

This afternoon we visited the haan gallery in Asheville, n.c. And there were several sculptural pieces by Emily Wilson. I loved her work, they are carved wood and welded steel rods that she paints--exquisitely, and combines to make these 3-d pieces.

Pink bird

This is from a Robert bateman book that I was reading this afternoon. I love the colors he used.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

And what about a new coupon?

I have had some trouble coming up with ideas for the coupon.  So I am a couple days later with it than I intended...

Special Offer: with this coupon, you can receive 20% discount on your purchase of batiks-- yardage and fat quarters! Just in time for summer sewing!
This coupon is valid from Tuesday, March 20th through Saturday, April 7th, 2012 only.
Periwinkle Quilting and Beyond 933-3072
#105-2105 8th St E Saskatoon, Sask, (in Grosvenor Park Mall )

In Which I return to Clay!

 A couple of days ago, I saw an idea that I just had to try, It is covering a wooden hanger with fabric,
I decided to do it in steps.  So far, I cut around the shape of the hanger, about 1/4" larger than the outline,
I have a bottle of a polymer glue that I spread on on side of the hanger, and pressed the fabric onto it.  I'll need to glue the edges down on the sides of the hanger, and then do the other side:
So that should be exciting to have a beautiful blue flowered hanger.
I planted a tree this morning.  It is a rare yellow tulip magnolia tree.  It blooms later than the pink ones.  And while the pink ones flower before the leaves come out, this one flowers at the same time as the new leaves.

 I do love my flowers!
 Last night I had my pottery class!! I am really excited about it.  We all did some hand-building, which was a lot of fun.  I went back this afternoon for an open studio time, on the way I saw some mounted Policemen!
 I did more hand-building , and this is the assortment from last night and today:
 They are mostly vases, and one covered container.  I also worked on a butter dish that isn't pictured here. 
 I might have to make another blog!  "My Life in Clay"
(still unseasonably warm here -- 90 degrees F by my car thermometer--- 30 degrees C this afternoon)
Tomorrow we're planning to drive up to Asheville for a few days, so I might be missing from this blog!
Have a good week,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Very Valuable Advice

I read this on the needleprint blog some time ago (It is one of the blogs that I have listed on the sidebar, written by Jacqueline Holdsworth ), and it has really stuck in my mind.  It is one of the most useful bits of advice on creativity and how to proceed with a project: 
I'm sorry I can't direct you to the place of the original post, because I just did a screen capture to remember it, and now I can't find where on the blog it's located,

Sunday Morning Reflections

Aren't weekend mornings the best time to think about all sorts of things?  things that happened over the past week, what you might want to accomplish over the next few days, gaze out the window and see what show nature is putting on today...
 My orchid is blooming like mad right now, and it even has a double bloom- like an egg with a double yolk.

I sewed a bit on my bonnet girls quilt yesterday, and pieced the center quite simply:
 I decided to use only 12 of the blocks, and so I have 3 leftover,
they are pretty too, and could be nice sewn into another project, but I'd rather stop at just making one project with these blocks.  If anyone else would like to have them, either to sew something, or just to study the way the applique was done, just leave a comment below, and send me your snail mail address in an email and I'll pass them along. 
The applique is done quite nicely, you can see some pencil outlines on the white background to show where to place the pieces, as well as on some of the lighter fabrics, I suppose to show where to turn under the cloth to sew it in place.  Sort of like a match-up puzzle.

I started a new knitting project,  (well, actually two of them)
It is going to be a cardigan for me.
 It will be a tweedy dark blue.  This picture shows how far I got with the first ball of yarn.  It is on 4.5mm needles and it is a simple stockinette stitch-- that's about as easy as you can get!
This is a photo of the goal:
from the book, "Knitting at Home, 60 Classics from Ella Rae Designs", by Leanne Prouse
 It is going to be quite a big project for me, and so I am not going to take any chances in it shrinking later, so I am using a Superwash wool!
 You can see that at the moment, the live oak trees are shedding their old leaves.  Every day Richard blows off the deck, and every day more leaves drift down, pushed off the tree by the new leaves,
 And this morning, there were several cardinals darting around,
I tried to get a photo of them but I was quite far away, and I don't have a zoom lens on my camera, so I apologize for the blurriness,
Cardinals are quite new to me, since they don't travel as far north as Saskatoon.  I had only seen them in books before, and I think they are really pretty birds.
I hope you are having a great weekend too, and storing up lots of energy for the week ahead!

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