Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In Which I return to Clay!

 A couple of days ago, I saw an idea that I just had to try, It is covering a wooden hanger with fabric,
I decided to do it in steps.  So far, I cut around the shape of the hanger, about 1/4" larger than the outline,
I have a bottle of a polymer glue that I spread on on side of the hanger, and pressed the fabric onto it.  I'll need to glue the edges down on the sides of the hanger, and then do the other side:
So that should be exciting to have a beautiful blue flowered hanger.
I planted a tree this morning.  It is a rare yellow tulip magnolia tree.  It blooms later than the pink ones.  And while the pink ones flower before the leaves come out, this one flowers at the same time as the new leaves.

 I do love my flowers!
 Last night I had my pottery class!! I am really excited about it.  We all did some hand-building, which was a lot of fun.  I went back this afternoon for an open studio time, on the way I saw some mounted Policemen!
 I did more hand-building , and this is the assortment from last night and today:
 They are mostly vases, and one covered container.  I also worked on a butter dish that isn't pictured here. 
 I might have to make another blog!  "My Life in Clay"
(still unseasonably warm here -- 90 degrees F by my car thermometer--- 30 degrees C this afternoon)
Tomorrow we're planning to drive up to Asheville for a few days, so I might be missing from this blog!
Have a good week,


  1. That magnolia is gorgeous....sigh:) I used to go to a pottery class and I really enjoyed it. I think it's getting into the clay and making's very satisfying.

  2. love your spring time pics. I can hardly wait to see the flowers growing here at home.
    Thanks for the coupon. I'll print it off I know a few have been to your shop and were interested when I told them of you blog and the deals. I'll share the info again at my next class that I am teaching.
    in stitches

  3. I, too, tried clay but it really does a number on my hands. What a lovely tree!

  4. I love the yellow magnolia blossoms......

  5. Oh, I am dreaming of real flowers! We are so gloomy and cloudy here on the west coast, even now that we are PAST the first day of spring... I have also dreamed of doing pottery, but so many other things keep me occupied. Will be looking forward to seeing the finishes of your clay.

  6. Wow - lovely Michelle.

    I JUST bought a stack of wooden hangers. Oooh I gotta try that! SO pretty!! : )

    1. I think it's sort of a fun project-- just think how pretty a whole stack of them will be! You can use mod lodge if you have it, too

  7. Beautiful magnolia. I hope it lasts. Some things I plant don't seem to fair too well here.
    You seem to have a knack for pottery. Those pieces are looking pretty good.

  8. GORGEOUS magnolia!
    What a great idea for the wooden hangers.
    Looks like a GREAT job on the pottery pieces, hope you will post pics when they are glazed & fired

  9. Neat idea for the hanger , much prettier than plain old wood . Your magnolia is gorgeous and lucky you to be working with clay , that always seemed like fun to me.

  10. Great idea for the hangers! Love it.

  11. Those hangers are not only beautiful, they ought to be anti-slip, too. No more clothes on the floor of the closet.


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