Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Spring Day

The past few days have really been spring here,  with azaleas Everywhere! and now the garden centers are bringing out bedding plants.  We had some grass dug up a couple of days ago to turn into a larger area with ground cover instead and so we went out and got some ivy and other stuff to put in there, and picked up some really pretty snapdragons as well-- I don't think I've ever seen this ombre effect before:

 Of course once we were out and about, we had to go for coffee!
 One of my favorite coffee spots here is called Foxy Loxy, and it's in an old house, and I think that they might make the best coffee I've had in Savannah,  (I know, I know, I love Gallery Espresso too!)  I took richard there today, and it has a courtyard in the back.  It was so peaceful and pleasant back there.
Home again, I have finished the double wedding ring quilt!  Yes, it even has the binding finished....
 and it lays flat! and I didn't have to quilt in the colored parts-- that tells you how wonky it was before i quilted it.
 These are some of the quilting designs that I was quite happy with:

4 leaves
flower garden
butterfly like flowers
wavy line cross-hatching
radiating bubbles
like a field
 And this is the piece of furniture we picked up the other day at the garage sale;
 It has faux finishes, and some cute little lace paneled doors,
 and the front drawers opens up and down into a desk surface
 I love furniture that has curvy parts!
 Well that's my report for today.
Except that I have been bitten by the clay bug.
Also, I plan to make popovers now that Deirdre has sent me a link to a mouthwatering looking recipe.

Also... it is Wednesday, so It is ithe link-up to the needle and thread Network page:


  1. oh - so many things to comment on! no bedding plants here yet - ha! but it struck me today that perhaps one could plant some sweet peas....they DO say as soon as the ground can be worked....and if we get a cold snap, replanting is always an option...
    the quilt is - as always - lovely, but that little desk thing is fantastic! i love how the curved bits open - someone has put a lot of thought and work into it! i am envious!
    cheers my dear, enjoy the flowers!

    1. Thanks Molly, i love flowers almost more than anything, you would love it her, I think-- there is a tree (osmanthus, or tea olive) that has the most divine smell. Whenever I get a whiff of it, I stop and try to smell more. But sweet peas are probably one of my all time favorites. I've heard it said that if you haven't got the seeds in by the end of April you might as well forget about them. I have tried so many times to grow them! Maybe this year will be the one that they will thrive... (Also, I love the desk too, I looked at it for about 5 seconds before buying it)

    2. i have terrible luck with sweet peas too...however - i have friends at the market who must have fields of them! ergo - i buy a huge bunch every saturday morning! i love the smell of hyacinths, too. and i have a may-tree in the back and lilacs in the front...and a mock orange...i'm just so glad they don't all bloom at the same time! will be spring!

  2. what a lovely sample of the fmq in the double wedding ring
    in stitches

  3. Lots of lovely things to look at. Our snow is melting away which means I need to get my sewing done. The quilt is lovely.

  4. The flowers are beautiful...cant wait till we see some signs of spring here!!
    What an amazing quilt! I love the colors and great job on the you draw the patterns on before you sew?
    And that desk is so cute, I love the little curved parts too!

  5. Wish I'd seen your free motion quilting before I started quilting my "Grandmother's Flower Garden". You do beautiful work.

  6. What a lovely Double Wedding Ring quilt! That pattern's one of my favourites. Now, when you say "clay" you don't by any chance mean "polymer clay" do you 'cuz I just got bit by that one, too.

  7. I think I would like Foxy Loxy's - love the cupboard and the quilt designs turned out nicely... we should have paid more attention to how Granma grew her sweetpeas!!! I wonder what the secret was.

    1. I think that you might need lots of sunshine and not very good soil, since one of the nicest gardens of sweet peas i remember was along a chain link fence bordering a park,

  8. That has to be the prettiest DWR quilt ever! oh my - look at the pretty fabrics! sheesh. I've always wanted one of those but I am terrible at piecing curves. I want an applecore too....


  9. Oh wow, your quilt is wonderful, Michelle! I LOVE your FMQ - wow!


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